Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just a little filler to keep us going.
Right at the mo its the 30.7.09. I'm in Laos and i'm a bit burned and achy after a 36k cycle round Luangperbang to find water falls. i'v been to several place's in Laos. The most fun was Vain voang or something like that. where we went tubing. This is going down the river in a rubber tube, stopping at bars on the way to drink and go off water slides and swings into the river. Where you have to try and get back to shore before the river takes you away. Health and safety is not a issue out here. I"m off to Vietnam in a couple of days, Hanoi being the first stop. I'll update the blog better than as the computers over here are not very good. Can't even upload a photo. Have fun dudes and don't be forget i do like people to say hi

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