Tuesday, December 29, 2009

26.12.09 Picton

26.12.9Boxing day- Picton

So I must have past out last night, as I awoke fully dressed in my bunk. Drank way to much wine and I wasted $20 buying x-mas lunch, of which I left most of it to try and chat up the chef's girl friend. LOL. Not the most clever thing to do it the world, but she was hot and Asian, from Malaysia I think. I don't remember to much about it really, but what I do remember is using the little spinning thing I got in my Christmas cracker as a in.
Anyhow the ferry journey was hell as all I wanted to do was sleep but I couldn't as the seat I had found was not the comfy, but I didn't want to change in case I lost it. Landed in Picton and the is lovely, a nice small town quiet with fuck all going on. A lot nice than Wellington, not that I really explored Wellington at death, mainly as it was really fucking windy, and cos of the lack of sleep I had no motivation. The villa is very nice, and seems homely. Shame that the WI-fi is 8 dollars an hour, thing I'm going tohave to wounder around and try and get some cheaper if not free WWIfi somewhere, I do not think iI'llfind free but maybe zambo. Even globel gossip is cheaper than here, at least for $15 you can have 24 hours none stop, not just 2 hours, with limited megabytes of download. Oh well I guess we will see what goes down the next few days.
The ATM told me I only have $600 dollars left, so a job in Picton or Blenheim, is really needed, lol. Will have to walk around 2moz, but I don't think i'll find anything before the new year. I'm going to stop writing as I'm really tired, going to try and find the TV room and loath.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

24.11.09 christmas eve

Christmas eve 24.11.2009

So. Its Christmas eve in Wellington, and I'm still here. Its been touch and go at times. Not so much just weather I'd just leave Wellington, more if I'd even stay in NZ. A couple of days ago, I looked at a cheap flight, looked at my bank account and there was just anuff to cover it. I had the option of playing it safe and going back to England or taking a risk and getting into lots of dept and staying. I really really almost went home. Mainly as I was so lonely I just couldn't take it anymore. Than a funny thing happened. I was sat near the bar having a beer( should not have been drinking it really but it was happy hour and I didn't just a little one). This poor little Asian girl was having problems opening the door to get out onto the baloney to smoke. The door is a right pain in the bum and the strong winds do not help the matter. I got up and helped her out, by opening the door. I sat back down and carried on with my drink. After 5 mins I went fuck it and went out side to have a fag and say hello. Got talking to the girl. Her name was Name and she was from Japan. We hung out for the rest of that night. I was teaching her some English. Like brass Monkeys, and bloody hell. She in return, more as I was pestting her, told me a few Japaneses words. I can now say Thank you. Aly-gato. Yes I did it/correct EET, yes- hi. Erm shit I can't think of the rest. Oh yes. Ohey like the Thai's is oh-no. And theirs the hello and goodbye that everyone knows if they ever watched teen aged mutant ninger turtles. I'll leave that for you to work out, haha
OK I'll tell you but again the spelling is very bad. Con-nich-e-wa meaning hello, but very formal. Si-an-arra for goodby. I also learned some food. This brown noodle stuff that's called sober, lol, very famous over there so I'm told, and something else I can't remember at the mo, lol. But it meant egg on rice, dam my brain turning to shit.
Yeah so after having some human contact( not like that to all the dirty basterds out there) I decided that maybe there was something to stay around for, so booked on the next ferry out to picton.
When I get to picton it could be a problem. As I may not have anywhere to stay. I want to go to Blenheim to find work, but the same problem is there too. I can only find out if there is room 24 hours before hand. Meaning I have to get into picton, than call Blenheim and see if there is room, than jump on the bus, lol. All sounds a big pain in the bum to me, but hay there you go.
Today I'm going to be getting to talk to someone else for at least 10 minutes. Laura a Dutch girl who I met in roatour and did the crossing with. That mount doom and all that. Is going to be in Wellington for Christmas. She is spending it with her family, lucky girl, but at least I get to have a quick coffee when she gets into town. Yay, I almost have a friend. LOL
After that I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do, I'm thinking I'll try and get into a shop and get a cheap DVD for x-mas and a jumper. I also need some socks. The ones I have made it across lots of countries, than when I get to one where I need them, they disappear, strange no?
I wonder how long I'm going to make it out here, I think I'm going to try and do a couple of months on the farms picking if I can. Hope that's should give me anouth money to get to the places around the south I want to get to. Than maybe after 3-4 months max I think I would be time to go home, it would have been a year away. Some people I talk to have this romantic view of being a travaller going around and doing new things and you can always just move on cos your a traveler. My view is that a loud of shit, I respect that they have a view, but I still think its poo. Maybe cos I have so many things back home that I love and pull me in. making it very hard to leave, I don't know, but. I always like to think I'm a southerner from England that's where I'd like to call home. DO what makes you happy. People mock folk who have been living in Wantage there hole life and never get away, just get married and and kids. Ah I was one of the ones mocking, but thatch stupid. Who are we to say thatch a bad thing. As long as on your death bed, your finale breath living your mouth and you think to yourself, I have regrets, its been a good life, that's all that matters.
Sorry this is turning into a bit of a rant, but I'm sat in the laundry room waiting for my cloths to try in the dryer. There is no internet up here as its the 6 floor. IT was ether this, read or play solitaire. Some people do read this sometimes so I thought I write some shit.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

21.12.09 Wellinton so far


At the moment I'm a couple of days into a week long stay in wellington. Not liking it to much at the mo, again this place feels like somewhere that would be nice to share not be on your own in. Have not really gone out and done much yet. Looked a bit for work, but turns out that its so at the mo.
Spent the last 2 days drinking very cheap wine, watching TV, going on the internet and reading. Exiting life. Not made any friends in this hostel, its far to big and it seems to be a place people come to just get the ferry out of here. Plan to stay in one place to make some friends to spent X-mas with has failed, lol. Oh well.
The past:
Before coming down to wellington we went on a little 20k mountain walk around a active volcano. Most of you prob know it as mount doom out of the lord of the rings. Was awesome.
Before this I hung out in a house hostel in rotogravure. Here me 2 Germans and a French girl walked around the free geothermic parks and paid to go and see some geysers, awesome, water firing into the air, nice. Also had some culture stuff about the Mari's lol.
Before this had a awesome day caving, getting wet, claiming, abseiling, singing on ropes, all under ground with glow worms, nice.
Surfing was done before this. Turns out I'm shit at it, and do not look good in a wet suit,lol
In between this things got drunk with some mari teachers. Ment to be having culture fun that night, but the show was fucking awful, so getting drunk with the naigbours was far better. Thats real culture!

New Zealand

just read my last blog, sorry that it makes no sence, guess i should have prof read it before posting, any way, good luck

New Zealand

New zealand

Landed on the 30.11.09. was so tired as only had a little bit of sleep over the last thew days. Between having my 28th birthday and hanging out late in the bar with Mint, and getting up eraly to hoppal about, as I hurt my hurt on my birthday, I did not sleep much in Phukett, than a 36 hour mini van and coach ride. This followed 2 days one night in Singapoor. In my time there I did all the site seeing I could followed by going out drinking with Phill., thank god he had more money than me. I do not want to think of how much he must have spent. Follow this by 2 flight to get to NZ. Sleep and food where at a premuim. Never mind, its all good fun, intill some one gets arrested for having class C drugs on them in the airport, lol, but thats another story.
Not shore how much i'm going to like NZ, not got to much money left after all the fun I had in asia, plus just the shock of no longer being the rich white man, over here i'm just a bum to get victomised yet again. Like being back home really, apart from its going to be harder to get a job. At home I could get a job just like that. Over here I have to wait to even get my tax code, than I than have to work out how to do it. Emmm maybe have to go to one of those shit companys just to get myself started.
Prob also should not have spent all this money on this new webb book, lol. In my defence I was spenting so much money on internet cafe I thought I could was save money using Wi-fi. This turns out not to be the case in Auckland as you have to pay for it, even in star bucks, gerr. Oh well. I'm hoping to see my chezh friend when they get in soon, she has been here before so here's hoping that she may know a bit more than me and there for give me a hand. Maybe being a bit to hopeful there. Can't even get hold of here at the moment.
That brings me on to girls, not in Nz as i'v not had time to meet any, well apart form the 2 i'm sharing a dorm with, but I does not see that in a romantic way. I think that girls have been the most fun but also the biggest problem i'v had away. If you know me at all you know I tend to meet a girl and just think she is the new best think since sliced bread and make them into little Gods for me to whirship and want to always be around. This meaning that if I had not meet the ones I have I prob would have moved around a lot faster. Might you saying that i'v had a thew one night stands that I which I could forget about, but i'm shore that they feal the same way, haha. One of the ones I feel really bad about was when I was in Phukett. A girl called mint, only 19 but very beautiful.Work in a bar, not way before you start thinking the worst of me. On her day off she came out with me on her birthday. We started to make out but I was in a dorm so no more could happen and she lived with her mum. Anyway I shore her the next 3 night where she worked, this is why I had to get the bus not a flight as there were one for the day I would have to have left. Booo. I told her i'd e-mail her all the time and try and come back when I could, but I think we both know thats not really going to happen. But she was really nice.

I'v been in Nz for a few days now. Its still a cutur shock but i'm getting used to it a bit, however it would be a lot better if I had a couple of quid. Dagmar put money in my account to keep my going, I felt really bad about it, and said she did not have to do it. It makes me fell a bit small, but I really did need it. Well I guess I could have stuck around auckland and waited for my tax code and got a really shit job to keep me going, but like many people have told me try and see some of the country first before getting stuck in a job. Saying that I can only wait till the end of february, but than i'll have to book a flight home, lol. We will see
I'v just got back form a small tour up to the very north of the country. Phiha or something like that. A small beach town. Ended up staying in a bass hostel, which is part of a chain around the county and Aus. The first night was a friday night and it was carnage. All the other people in the dorm getting really pissed up and fucking one another. There noting worse when your trying to sleep cos you have to get up early in the morning than having people fuckinjg all around you, not cool. I did have a good time, talking to a American girl sussie I think form Arozonia. Native american. Nice women, just not my type. Yes I do have a type, lol. Not shore how much I drank that night but I did have a couple of ciders, nice, not had some cider in time.
The next day was cool. Went up up on the tour that was free with the bus ticket,i say free more like included I guess. First we went to look at some gum fileds and shore the old fucking massive tries that are in the cround that form the gum, well amber is what it is really cold but they call it gum. It turns out the term gum boots started in the place. Nice. Than went to the very tip of the county and shore all the views. It was also a Marai sacret place, where the soul leaves to go back to the home land after they die. Luch followed on a beach, borring, seen so many beachies of late. The best vbit was to come. SAND BOARDING. We went up to the top of a sand june with booggy boards and slid down them. Was fucking awesome!! Only went down twice, cos trying to walk up sand is a bitch!! 2 steps up one step sliding back. I now know why the army go to the dessert to train!!
Trying to remember what I did that night. Prob not much as I was tired, but I guess it prob envoled sitting around out side the room on the decking drinking. Oh yes its just come to me. I started with my samson I got in thailnad. Once that had finished that I had to sing to this bloke so that he'd give me some of his vodka, lol. Thing he gave me some to stop me singing in the end. After I had no more of that I think I got some wine of this girl on the beach. Had to get up early again the next day, as I had to book another night, couldn't do it the day before as we got back from our tour late and reception had clossed. Sunday I did't get up to much just hung arround using the cheap internet I had found. Well pissed off with this country. Got a webb book to save money on the internet and what happens there is no free wifi over here. They really are good at making money over here. Prob how it makes all its money as it is a small country and all. Went to a quizz night in the evening, we lost by one point. Damm, but I wouldn't have been able to use the prize anyway as I was off the next day. Treid to get to bed early, but the fucking frence had there own ideas!! Fucking Frence. They just came in the dorm ,lights on talking loud for time, norm people be quite but no not the frence. I was the only other person in the dorm apart from them, and being English they prob didn't give a shit. Was going to say soemthing, but sometimes it not worth it.
In auckland at the mo. The mo being 7.12.09 monday. Sitting in the cameal hostel or something. Its like a apartment with 2 dorms in. Again the interenet is fucking expensive. So i'm just writing on the old lab top. When I figure out how to fransfer this to my blog i'll post it up, lol. Tried doing it before but it wouldn't take it, man I need some computer lessions. Should be saying a little hello to Karolina later, be it late at night so i'll be even more half asleep. We'll see how that goes. Have not seen the girl in time, so looking forward to it. Just hope I don't have to travel across auckland tonight, as I have no idea how the public transport works, lol. To tired to think. Oh well. Hope to put some good stuff in here about tonight later.
Well it turns out that Karolina is to far away in Auckland to say hi. Wants to say hi tomorrow, but of course i'm living fucking early in the moring so i'm not seeing her. Called her Hope I do, cos that will be cool. I'm off to try and get some sleep, as i'm boring and not really talking to anyone. I don't think i'm cut out for the hostel life style. I'm just not used to having to sleep with loads of people and i'm still not good at talking to people, unless i'v had a couple of course, but I can't afforde boze out here so I just do not walk. I also think that a good nights sleep will help. Listern to me, its sounds like i'm bitching. I'm really not. I'm a very lucky basterd to be able to be out here, hmmmm. I'm off to bed at the late time of 11pm, lol. Man oh man thats early.

Going to hahi
i'm on the bus to Hahi at the moment, with stray as part of the package I got, takes me down to wellington past a few stay overs on the way to see and do stuff. The coach its self is small with asian style no room seats, but it is on of the cheaper options and there is a guid/ driver on the bus to point things out and stuff. He got us to do some games for us to try and get to know each other. I have to say I was not really into it, mostle cos I like to meet peopl with a drink in my hand, plus from my time in asia I tend to be quite on the bus and just sleep or ipod it.
Found out something today that the kiwi tour is just 18-19 year olds just wanting to have a good time and fuck, so if I get a bit horney in the south i'll just get myself on one of does tour buss's.

We arrive at the surf place to find out that there is wifi, the internet is so expensive that you want to just brake all the computers to teach them a lession, $1 for 10 mins. Thats the most expensive I have ever seen it, makes England look cheap, mind you all things in New zealand made England look cheap. The only good free thing we have done is dog our own holes in giothermic sand and have a little sharner, which was cool. Which I could write about that more but at vthe mo i'm so pissed off about whats going down I cant. Right, I can only book back onto the stry bus if I do it online, I have to us my lap top as that as my pace number saved on it, as I forgot to write it down. I can't phone up cos the dick heads will not take bookings over the phone