Wednesday, December 23, 2009

24.11.09 christmas eve

Christmas eve 24.11.2009

So. Its Christmas eve in Wellington, and I'm still here. Its been touch and go at times. Not so much just weather I'd just leave Wellington, more if I'd even stay in NZ. A couple of days ago, I looked at a cheap flight, looked at my bank account and there was just anuff to cover it. I had the option of playing it safe and going back to England or taking a risk and getting into lots of dept and staying. I really really almost went home. Mainly as I was so lonely I just couldn't take it anymore. Than a funny thing happened. I was sat near the bar having a beer( should not have been drinking it really but it was happy hour and I didn't just a little one). This poor little Asian girl was having problems opening the door to get out onto the baloney to smoke. The door is a right pain in the bum and the strong winds do not help the matter. I got up and helped her out, by opening the door. I sat back down and carried on with my drink. After 5 mins I went fuck it and went out side to have a fag and say hello. Got talking to the girl. Her name was Name and she was from Japan. We hung out for the rest of that night. I was teaching her some English. Like brass Monkeys, and bloody hell. She in return, more as I was pestting her, told me a few Japaneses words. I can now say Thank you. Aly-gato. Yes I did it/correct EET, yes- hi. Erm shit I can't think of the rest. Oh yes. Ohey like the Thai's is oh-no. And theirs the hello and goodbye that everyone knows if they ever watched teen aged mutant ninger turtles. I'll leave that for you to work out, haha
OK I'll tell you but again the spelling is very bad. Con-nich-e-wa meaning hello, but very formal. Si-an-arra for goodby. I also learned some food. This brown noodle stuff that's called sober, lol, very famous over there so I'm told, and something else I can't remember at the mo, lol. But it meant egg on rice, dam my brain turning to shit.
Yeah so after having some human contact( not like that to all the dirty basterds out there) I decided that maybe there was something to stay around for, so booked on the next ferry out to picton.
When I get to picton it could be a problem. As I may not have anywhere to stay. I want to go to Blenheim to find work, but the same problem is there too. I can only find out if there is room 24 hours before hand. Meaning I have to get into picton, than call Blenheim and see if there is room, than jump on the bus, lol. All sounds a big pain in the bum to me, but hay there you go.
Today I'm going to be getting to talk to someone else for at least 10 minutes. Laura a Dutch girl who I met in roatour and did the crossing with. That mount doom and all that. Is going to be in Wellington for Christmas. She is spending it with her family, lucky girl, but at least I get to have a quick coffee when she gets into town. Yay, I almost have a friend. LOL
After that I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do, I'm thinking I'll try and get into a shop and get a cheap DVD for x-mas and a jumper. I also need some socks. The ones I have made it across lots of countries, than when I get to one where I need them, they disappear, strange no?
I wonder how long I'm going to make it out here, I think I'm going to try and do a couple of months on the farms picking if I can. Hope that's should give me anouth money to get to the places around the south I want to get to. Than maybe after 3-4 months max I think I would be time to go home, it would have been a year away. Some people I talk to have this romantic view of being a travaller going around and doing new things and you can always just move on cos your a traveler. My view is that a loud of shit, I respect that they have a view, but I still think its poo. Maybe cos I have so many things back home that I love and pull me in. making it very hard to leave, I don't know, but. I always like to think I'm a southerner from England that's where I'd like to call home. DO what makes you happy. People mock folk who have been living in Wantage there hole life and never get away, just get married and and kids. Ah I was one of the ones mocking, but thatch stupid. Who are we to say thatch a bad thing. As long as on your death bed, your finale breath living your mouth and you think to yourself, I have regrets, its been a good life, that's all that matters.
Sorry this is turning into a bit of a rant, but I'm sat in the laundry room waiting for my cloths to try in the dryer. There is no internet up here as its the 6 floor. IT was ether this, read or play solitaire. Some people do read this sometimes so I thought I write some shit.

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  1. When u want to or if u ever get this low again - come to Takaka. Or just call me!!! Bxx