Friday, October 30, 2009


Still in Bangkok. Long storry but i'm looking after a girl who broke her leg, the names and such details will come to light at a later date. ANyway i'm still in this city. Not so bad a place when you have someone to talk to. I also have loads of people I know coming into the city in a few days so i'll prob be still hewre for..... Who knows. There is only one thing for sure, I need a piss. Thats the only thing i can plain for, cos if you have been reading this you will knoiw that my plains always change, be it for the best reasons for the worst, buthay. Thats what makes life so intresting!!1

Sunday, October 25, 2009

26.10.09- Bangkok yet again

IOS is my 3rd bloody time in Bangkok, at least i'm leaving tomorrow, was going to leave straight away but after a 12 hour bus ride i can't be fucked. I just wait around this place for a while and I don't know drink myself to death. Might do a diving course when I'm down the islands. Something to put on the old CV i guess. Better than the just going out and getting drunk while watching football, lol.
Had a Amazzing time in Chanig Mai. The poeple i meet were out of this world. I was thinking of going back up to laos with them, but i'v had that adventure aready, Its time to go South, starting making my way down the old coast line to get me to Singapore to get that flight off to the land of, Holloy shit i need a job land, lol.
Tomorrow is going to bring a day of being bored, followed by 8 hours on a bus, wait 2 hours than a 3 hour ride on a boat to get to KO tao. See what the west side is like before hitting the east. Never know i might find some more strange people to hang out with!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

23.10.09- hardly worth writing

Just a quicky. Been spending the morning riding around on the old scooter. Fun as hell. Half tempted to buy a second hand one and drive down Thailand. However, the side of my brain that does think is saying thats stupid your'll doe, lol. Going back to Chaing Mai today, than back to Bangkok the day after to get a bus down to the south, where in the south? I don't know as i don't know anything about Thailand. Cambodia? I know about, can order beeers and talk to the locals here all i can say is Thankyou, lol, and i think i get that wroung half the time.

22.10.09. Woken up in bush

Yesturday moring i was already for a day of what the hell am i going to do. Sat down eat breakfast and started to talk to the girl on the other table. 20 1 hour later i'm crashing a moto into a wall as i'v decided to go to Pai with her and her frineds!! After this crash i decide to get a lift with a bloke called Alex there. 5 hours on the back of a bike later we are there. Go straight out to eat and start drinking, as this was just to be a quick 1 night than drive home thing. The next thing i remember after a whiusky buckett is being woking up by 2 Thai women, as i was asleep in a bush. I than had to phone one of the girls in our group to come and pick me up as i was so gone!!!
Today i'v been riding my own little moto around! easy as!!! Why was i so scared before, shame i have to get the bus home tomoz, as everyone has left, but i stayed one more night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20.10.09 Post trek

SO my legs hurt, i'm tired but can't sleep and can't be fucked to even drink. Treking was cool. The people on it were cool. Only one couple and they were lesbian so there was none of the romantic crap going on. The first 3 hour walk up the hills almost killed me. If it had not of rained i think i would have just sleeped on the side on the hill!! lol. Drinking and smoking was not a good warm up for this sort of thing, lol. Was really good thow and really enjoyed myself. Hope to keep in touch with many of the people on the trek! Erm, can't really be fucked to write at the mo, so i will just say good night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15.10.09 chaeng mai

SO i'm no longer in Cambodia. I know i know you thought i would never leave. I was thinking the same thing at one point. THinking i'm the worst backpacker ever, so given up. I'm not a traveler as was the plain. I'm just chilling around Asia before i have to do the shit thing of working in NZ. NOt looking forward to that i can tell you. Not been keeping this thing updated much. I know but i can't be bothered. Was going to say fu=k=d, but i have been told i Sware to much so i'm going to keep it PG. The bus up from Bangkok was shit, couldn't really sleep. Train back down one thinks.
Bangkok again. At first i hated it, but by the end it was a fantastic place. Just have to stay off the Kasan road. Went out dancing with Yearly a young women working at the hotel. The girl loves to dance. The first club we couldn't get into cos i had shorts on. Like the UK all over again. The secound didn't look right. We than hang out on a street for a while while i had a beer. you have to bear in mind that i was not getting drunk this night. In the end we ending up down some ramdom place with clubs. The first one was so loud that we had to leave. Made metel gigs seem silent. The scound was more like one big thia party. Was fantastic, even got me dancing. One of the best nights ever in the end. GOt back around 3-4 am, check out was 12, lol. What else did i do in Bangkok, I'm going to leave for another time as i can't be botherd now. Just wanted to put this little bit in. I'll try and get on in the next couple of days. Think i'm going to go off on a trek of some sort, so a small bag may be in order. Remember Donations to the dickie got robbed fund are still welcome as of yet i still have none, lol. Catch you laters.