Sunday, October 25, 2009

26.10.09- Bangkok yet again

IOS is my 3rd bloody time in Bangkok, at least i'm leaving tomorrow, was going to leave straight away but after a 12 hour bus ride i can't be fucked. I just wait around this place for a while and I don't know drink myself to death. Might do a diving course when I'm down the islands. Something to put on the old CV i guess. Better than the just going out and getting drunk while watching football, lol.
Had a Amazzing time in Chanig Mai. The poeple i meet were out of this world. I was thinking of going back up to laos with them, but i'v had that adventure aready, Its time to go South, starting making my way down the old coast line to get me to Singapore to get that flight off to the land of, Holloy shit i need a job land, lol.
Tomorrow is going to bring a day of being bored, followed by 8 hours on a bus, wait 2 hours than a 3 hour ride on a boat to get to KO tao. See what the west side is like before hitting the east. Never know i might find some more strange people to hang out with!!

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