Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15.10.09 chaeng mai

SO i'm no longer in Cambodia. I know i know you thought i would never leave. I was thinking the same thing at one point. THinking i'm the worst backpacker ever, so given up. I'm not a traveler as was the plain. I'm just chilling around Asia before i have to do the shit thing of working in NZ. NOt looking forward to that i can tell you. Not been keeping this thing updated much. I know but i can't be bothered. Was going to say fu=k=d, but i have been told i Sware to much so i'm going to keep it PG. The bus up from Bangkok was shit, couldn't really sleep. Train back down one thinks.
Bangkok again. At first i hated it, but by the end it was a fantastic place. Just have to stay off the Kasan road. Went out dancing with Yearly a young women working at the hotel. The girl loves to dance. The first club we couldn't get into cos i had shorts on. Like the UK all over again. The secound didn't look right. We than hang out on a street for a while while i had a beer. you have to bear in mind that i was not getting drunk this night. In the end we ending up down some ramdom place with clubs. The first one was so loud that we had to leave. Made metel gigs seem silent. The scound was more like one big thia party. Was fantastic, even got me dancing. One of the best nights ever in the end. GOt back around 3-4 am, check out was 12, lol. What else did i do in Bangkok, I'm going to leave for another time as i can't be botherd now. Just wanted to put this little bit in. I'll try and get on in the next couple of days. Think i'm going to go off on a trek of some sort, so a small bag may be in order. Remember Donations to the dickie got robbed fund are still welcome as of yet i still have none, lol. Catch you laters.

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