Thursday, September 24, 2009

25.09.09 change

Change. Bet you thing i mean that I have left Cambodia. som dtou atay. Sorry no. I'm staying a little longer than off to Bangkok. This will be followed by a trip to the Philippians. Going to suck having to leave Kim behind but maybe its for the best, as i might end up staying her, having to make a fake CV and teach English here, lol. Might come back and do that After Nz and back home for a while, but i think i should atleast do a teffel course or something. I have done a bit of one on one english teaching here and there but a school is a bit diff. I'm going to go walk down the river frount today, all loverly, lol. Na just want to see it in the day time really. ANyway i'v got to go and put my bag in my new guest house, which in fact is my old guesthouse, but they let me getting away with more stuff, plus its owned by a policeman. Handy to have soemone you can get you out of a bit of trouble. Herd a funny storry yesturday. The owner walked in still in uniform. One of the lads smoking a spliff on the deck got spook and jumped in the lake and started to swim off! lol. THe policemans sasying come back come back i'm not going to arrest you, lol. Funny as ten. Right best go and see andy and find out if nai(his khmer girl) is preggers or not. She told him she was, but while i was leaving yesturday i asked her, but she just blow me a kiss and said no. Silly girl didn't relize that andy could here her, lol. It was my little way of telling him what she was luike without getting involed. I know her from Sihoukville you see. She has loads of boyfriends senting her back money and she tried to fuck half of jack shack. Long stiorry really, but if you do live native i guess, lol. Catch you lot later, who knows maybve i will have left Cambodia, hmmmmmmm......

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