Tuesday, September 8, 2009


999. Oh shit its the reverse devils day. LOL. Oh well. Well the waters died down a bit and the coach managed to get throw. Here I am in Phnom Penh. Surprised Chris last night when he walked into the DRunken frog and saw me there. It is a small world after all. Getting my visa extended fort a month so i can fit in all the stuff i should have been doing instead of hanging on the beach for 3 weeks. Ok 4 days in Kampot and a thew in bed ill. Thats going to e a week here followed by a few days to a week in siam reap. Battambang maybe than how knows. I was thinking of some khamera lessons but i'm not really staying long anouth really. So i'll stick with ordering drinks saying thank you and the bill please, lol. Som beer luo= 1 beer please. awkon= thank you. Som kit laoy= the bill please. Atay= no, bart= yes. Dorp= bottle. kut= big. Strangly saying hello is far to hard. Its fucking long, but bye to le-hi.

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