Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last blog got cut short when steve came marching into the cafe saying that he had just seen chris. The old bar man from jack shack in sinville. He's up trying to blag teaching english, better money. So i took him to a cheap guest house i know than we had a beer. It rained luike shit so we wentr for a curry. I tried to get soem sleep later as i was really tired. Kim, my lady freind from over here, was went to pick me up at to take me to some hill place. But she never turned up! Strangley she was well latere in the nightas she went dancing. Howver she did turn up with food later on which was nice of her. Had soem problems with the hotel as in this place if you bring a girl back they have to sign in. However kim does not seem to have a ID card. Bit funny if you ask me, but i have known this girl for a few weeks now and she knows i don't have anything to steal, and what i do have is on me! They said she could stay but be it oin my head as if anything goes missing its my fault. I did say to them that she was not a hooker, she prob is to be honest but she does not charge me, lol.
I seem to have been bitten like a shit last night. My feet are like a dot the dot picture. NOt good, itchy as fuck!!!

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  1. Hahaha that would either be the bed bugs or Scabies picked up from being in close contact with someone!! So an English teacher eh? deja vu?!!! Have to start spelling 'some' properly then... ! Have a good one Bx