Saturday, November 21, 2009

22.11.09 island hoping, but slowely

SO i'm on koh samui, was on koh phangan, before that kho toa. All very fun. Spent loads of time riding around on a auto moto. Ha ha, as i write this i have one outside, fun driving today as i am still drunk after many mojithos and beer. Watching the free kick boxing, Owe paul 200 baht on lost bets, lol. The problem with this kick boxing thing is that its surrounded by the girly bars and the beer is 100 baht for a small, so i guess its not really free. I plan to go to phuckett tomorrow to hang around and than get a flight to singapoor, miss Maylasia out, do that another time.
2 days till the big 24!! and going to have to spent it in Phuckett not koh samiu, shame as i have made friends with a local cafe/art studio bloke called paul. BEST MOJIJOTOS IN TOWN, sorry can't spell, lol. write i'm off to book my tickett, i'll talk to all you lot later. Maybe put in the storrys about the Ausia girrl and stuff, if your luckey. Nadosen't matter, seen as i am the only person to read this, lol. See ya

Thursday, November 12, 2009

13.11.09 kp phangang or however its spelled

Was not a good day yesturday, spent all of it in bed really, felt to tired and ill. One of those days were you can't spent to much time away from the loo. Its friday the 13th today, but lets nope there is no bad luck for me tonight. I"m going to try and go out and find someone to talk to today. HOw will none do this, fuck only knows. Juts do the old tALK to ramdoms i guess. I Have 16 days left in Asia. Than i have to work. Sounds silly not wanting to go to NZ as i have to work but hay ho, i guess i'll have to come across that path when i come to it.
At the mo i'm doing the old Island hop thing. I would prob be having a better time if some daft fall had not got a tat done on there leg, so can't go in the water. Well i did once, drunking night out in Ko toa, before we went to the lady boy show. Photo's are ment to be on facebook, but than damm thing is just the worste thing and will not upload anything at the mo, just keeps saying waiting to spent and all that shit. ANyway, thats prob a rant to far for one blog. thank GOd no one reads this thing, lol.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.09 koh toa

Well what can i say, unless you dive there is fuck all to do here. I'v been here to days and the best time i'v had is the sleep. I was really silly in Ko sumed and got a new tat, so can't go in the sea. What a dick i really am. Off to get a boat ticket to ko phangan or what ever its called and see if there arepeople there who at least are willing to talk to me. SO far on this island its been one canadian in a bar last night for a hour. Never mind shit happens. if you look in lonley planet and look up mr L in ko toa and read what it says about him, its really true, funny as hell. Feel bad i'm not going to get a boat ticket off him, but its 50 baht cheaper down the raod. Bye bye i'm off for a beer to try and holt the shakes

Saturday, November 7, 2009


well i'm not going to lie to you i'm a bit drunk. I'm got a sub way, thing that says it all really. I'v just come back from ko-somed. Got thebest tat ever!! means i cant go in the sea for a while, but that's ok. erm have no idea what i am doing now, haha, going to work it out tomoz, lots of lov rich

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3.11.09 getting fustrated

Really pissed off, had to get up early to get a bus/boat to ko sumet to see a friend of mine, who had been called me on my wrong number in the day she was here. ANyway i just could sleep last night, in the end i took some valluim and sat on the fire ascape dill it started to it started to kick in. THe problem with this amazing plan was that i over slept and by the time i'd got accross town to the bus stop i would have missed the connecting boAT PLUS i had to pay for my room for one more night, derr, fuck it. I booked at the hostel for tomorrow, less hassel and they'll get me up if need be. LOL.
Yesturday i had to take Caroline back to the airport so she could go home. We were stuck in traffic for time, but thats not where the fun begins. Just getting cheeked in, getting a wheelchair, and ofcourse i could not stay with her cos of passport control and stuff. After all that i had to try and find the bus to khosan. Couldn't find it the first time round 3 mouthns agoe, lol. As it turns out piss of piss. spent the rest of the nighttrying to get hold of karolina, yes diff person, who was ment to be in town. Turns out she had been texting my wroung number!!! gerr, only turned on my other phone to try and call her on that. Turns out she had alredy gone to ko sumet, with some bloke called ROb i think. She seems keen on me coming down so i'm going down for a day, as long as i don't over sleep. lol

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Still in Bangkok for the next couple of days. Had to go to another hositpal. Caroline falling over and cutting her head open in a girly bar. Poor girl is in the wars. Just come back after her having a cheek up. Seen some very nice hospitals thats for shore, private health care out here puts the NHS to shame. Shame about the taxi drivers who try and rip you off. One wanted 300 baht to get there. I hold him thta was insaulting!! It costs no more than 100! Stupid men!!