Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.09 koh toa

Well what can i say, unless you dive there is fuck all to do here. I'v been here to days and the best time i'v had is the sleep. I was really silly in Ko sumed and got a new tat, so can't go in the sea. What a dick i really am. Off to get a boat ticket to ko phangan or what ever its called and see if there arepeople there who at least are willing to talk to me. SO far on this island its been one canadian in a bar last night for a hour. Never mind shit happens. if you look in lonley planet and look up mr L in ko toa and read what it says about him, its really true, funny as hell. Feel bad i'm not going to get a boat ticket off him, but its 50 baht cheaper down the raod. Bye bye i'm off for a beer to try and holt the shakes

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