Saturday, November 21, 2009

22.11.09 island hoping, but slowely

SO i'm on koh samui, was on koh phangan, before that kho toa. All very fun. Spent loads of time riding around on a auto moto. Ha ha, as i write this i have one outside, fun driving today as i am still drunk after many mojithos and beer. Watching the free kick boxing, Owe paul 200 baht on lost bets, lol. The problem with this kick boxing thing is that its surrounded by the girly bars and the beer is 100 baht for a small, so i guess its not really free. I plan to go to phuckett tomorrow to hang around and than get a flight to singapoor, miss Maylasia out, do that another time.
2 days till the big 24!! and going to have to spent it in Phuckett not koh samiu, shame as i have made friends with a local cafe/art studio bloke called paul. BEST MOJIJOTOS IN TOWN, sorry can't spell, lol. write i'm off to book my tickett, i'll talk to all you lot later. Maybe put in the storrys about the Ausia girrl and stuff, if your luckey. Nadosen't matter, seen as i am the only person to read this, lol. See ya

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