Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3.11.09 getting fustrated

Really pissed off, had to get up early to get a bus/boat to ko sumet to see a friend of mine, who had been called me on my wrong number in the day she was here. ANyway i just could sleep last night, in the end i took some valluim and sat on the fire ascape dill it started to it started to kick in. THe problem with this amazing plan was that i over slept and by the time i'd got accross town to the bus stop i would have missed the connecting boAT PLUS i had to pay for my room for one more night, derr, fuck it. I booked at the hostel for tomorrow, less hassel and they'll get me up if need be. LOL.
Yesturday i had to take Caroline back to the airport so she could go home. We were stuck in traffic for time, but thats not where the fun begins. Just getting cheeked in, getting a wheelchair, and ofcourse i could not stay with her cos of passport control and stuff. After all that i had to try and find the bus to khosan. Couldn't find it the first time round 3 mouthns agoe, lol. As it turns out piss of piss. spent the rest of the nighttrying to get hold of karolina, yes diff person, who was ment to be in town. Turns out she had been texting my wroung number!!! gerr, only turned on my other phone to try and call her on that. Turns out she had alredy gone to ko sumet, with some bloke called ROb i think. She seems keen on me coming down so i'm going down for a day, as long as i don't over sleep. lol

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