Thursday, November 12, 2009

13.11.09 kp phangang or however its spelled

Was not a good day yesturday, spent all of it in bed really, felt to tired and ill. One of those days were you can't spent to much time away from the loo. Its friday the 13th today, but lets nope there is no bad luck for me tonight. I"m going to try and go out and find someone to talk to today. HOw will none do this, fuck only knows. Juts do the old tALK to ramdoms i guess. I Have 16 days left in Asia. Than i have to work. Sounds silly not wanting to go to NZ as i have to work but hay ho, i guess i'll have to come across that path when i come to it.
At the mo i'm doing the old Island hop thing. I would prob be having a better time if some daft fall had not got a tat done on there leg, so can't go in the water. Well i did once, drunking night out in Ko toa, before we went to the lady boy show. Photo's are ment to be on facebook, but than damm thing is just the worste thing and will not upload anything at the mo, just keeps saying waiting to spent and all that shit. ANyway, thats prob a rant to far for one blog. thank GOd no one reads this thing, lol.

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