Tuesday, December 29, 2009

26.12.09 Picton

26.12.9Boxing day- Picton

So I must have past out last night, as I awoke fully dressed in my bunk. Drank way to much wine and I wasted $20 buying x-mas lunch, of which I left most of it to try and chat up the chef's girl friend. LOL. Not the most clever thing to do it the world, but she was hot and Asian, from Malaysia I think. I don't remember to much about it really, but what I do remember is using the little spinning thing I got in my Christmas cracker as a in.
Anyhow the ferry journey was hell as all I wanted to do was sleep but I couldn't as the seat I had found was not the comfy, but I didn't want to change in case I lost it. Landed in Picton and the is lovely, a nice small town quiet with fuck all going on. A lot nice than Wellington, not that I really explored Wellington at death, mainly as it was really fucking windy, and cos of the lack of sleep I had no motivation. The villa is very nice, and seems homely. Shame that the WI-fi is 8 dollars an hour, thing I'm going tohave to wounder around and try and get some cheaper if not free WWIfi somewhere, I do not think iI'llfind free but maybe zambo. Even globel gossip is cheaper than here, at least for $15 you can have 24 hours none stop, not just 2 hours, with limited megabytes of download. Oh well I guess we will see what goes down the next few days.
The ATM told me I only have $600 dollars left, so a job in Picton or Blenheim, is really needed, lol. Will have to walk around 2moz, but I don't think i'll find anything before the new year. I'm going to stop writing as I'm really tired, going to try and find the TV room and loath.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

24.11.09 christmas eve

Christmas eve 24.11.2009

So. Its Christmas eve in Wellington, and I'm still here. Its been touch and go at times. Not so much just weather I'd just leave Wellington, more if I'd even stay in NZ. A couple of days ago, I looked at a cheap flight, looked at my bank account and there was just anuff to cover it. I had the option of playing it safe and going back to England or taking a risk and getting into lots of dept and staying. I really really almost went home. Mainly as I was so lonely I just couldn't take it anymore. Than a funny thing happened. I was sat near the bar having a beer( should not have been drinking it really but it was happy hour and I didn't just a little one). This poor little Asian girl was having problems opening the door to get out onto the baloney to smoke. The door is a right pain in the bum and the strong winds do not help the matter. I got up and helped her out, by opening the door. I sat back down and carried on with my drink. After 5 mins I went fuck it and went out side to have a fag and say hello. Got talking to the girl. Her name was Name and she was from Japan. We hung out for the rest of that night. I was teaching her some English. Like brass Monkeys, and bloody hell. She in return, more as I was pestting her, told me a few Japaneses words. I can now say Thank you. Aly-gato. Yes I did it/correct EET, yes- hi. Erm shit I can't think of the rest. Oh yes. Ohey like the Thai's is oh-no. And theirs the hello and goodbye that everyone knows if they ever watched teen aged mutant ninger turtles. I'll leave that for you to work out, haha
OK I'll tell you but again the spelling is very bad. Con-nich-e-wa meaning hello, but very formal. Si-an-arra for goodby. I also learned some food. This brown noodle stuff that's called sober, lol, very famous over there so I'm told, and something else I can't remember at the mo, lol. But it meant egg on rice, dam my brain turning to shit.
Yeah so after having some human contact( not like that to all the dirty basterds out there) I decided that maybe there was something to stay around for, so booked on the next ferry out to picton.
When I get to picton it could be a problem. As I may not have anywhere to stay. I want to go to Blenheim to find work, but the same problem is there too. I can only find out if there is room 24 hours before hand. Meaning I have to get into picton, than call Blenheim and see if there is room, than jump on the bus, lol. All sounds a big pain in the bum to me, but hay there you go.
Today I'm going to be getting to talk to someone else for at least 10 minutes. Laura a Dutch girl who I met in roatour and did the crossing with. That mount doom and all that. Is going to be in Wellington for Christmas. She is spending it with her family, lucky girl, but at least I get to have a quick coffee when she gets into town. Yay, I almost have a friend. LOL
After that I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do, I'm thinking I'll try and get into a shop and get a cheap DVD for x-mas and a jumper. I also need some socks. The ones I have made it across lots of countries, than when I get to one where I need them, they disappear, strange no?
I wonder how long I'm going to make it out here, I think I'm going to try and do a couple of months on the farms picking if I can. Hope that's should give me anouth money to get to the places around the south I want to get to. Than maybe after 3-4 months max I think I would be time to go home, it would have been a year away. Some people I talk to have this romantic view of being a travaller going around and doing new things and you can always just move on cos your a traveler. My view is that a loud of shit, I respect that they have a view, but I still think its poo. Maybe cos I have so many things back home that I love and pull me in. making it very hard to leave, I don't know, but. I always like to think I'm a southerner from England that's where I'd like to call home. DO what makes you happy. People mock folk who have been living in Wantage there hole life and never get away, just get married and and kids. Ah I was one of the ones mocking, but thatch stupid. Who are we to say thatch a bad thing. As long as on your death bed, your finale breath living your mouth and you think to yourself, I have regrets, its been a good life, that's all that matters.
Sorry this is turning into a bit of a rant, but I'm sat in the laundry room waiting for my cloths to try in the dryer. There is no internet up here as its the 6 floor. IT was ether this, read or play solitaire. Some people do read this sometimes so I thought I write some shit.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

21.12.09 Wellinton so far


At the moment I'm a couple of days into a week long stay in wellington. Not liking it to much at the mo, again this place feels like somewhere that would be nice to share not be on your own in. Have not really gone out and done much yet. Looked a bit for work, but turns out that its so at the mo.
Spent the last 2 days drinking very cheap wine, watching TV, going on the internet and reading. Exiting life. Not made any friends in this hostel, its far to big and it seems to be a place people come to just get the ferry out of here. Plan to stay in one place to make some friends to spent X-mas with has failed, lol. Oh well.
The past:
Before coming down to wellington we went on a little 20k mountain walk around a active volcano. Most of you prob know it as mount doom out of the lord of the rings. Was awesome.
Before this I hung out in a house hostel in rotogravure. Here me 2 Germans and a French girl walked around the free geothermic parks and paid to go and see some geysers, awesome, water firing into the air, nice. Also had some culture stuff about the Mari's lol.
Before this had a awesome day caving, getting wet, claiming, abseiling, singing on ropes, all under ground with glow worms, nice.
Surfing was done before this. Turns out I'm shit at it, and do not look good in a wet suit,lol
In between this things got drunk with some mari teachers. Ment to be having culture fun that night, but the show was fucking awful, so getting drunk with the naigbours was far better. Thats real culture!

New Zealand

just read my last blog, sorry that it makes no sence, guess i should have prof read it before posting, any way, good luck

New Zealand

New zealand

Landed on the 30.11.09. was so tired as only had a little bit of sleep over the last thew days. Between having my 28th birthday and hanging out late in the bar with Mint, and getting up eraly to hoppal about, as I hurt my hurt on my birthday, I did not sleep much in Phukett, than a 36 hour mini van and coach ride. This followed 2 days one night in Singapoor. In my time there I did all the site seeing I could followed by going out drinking with Phill., thank god he had more money than me. I do not want to think of how much he must have spent. Follow this by 2 flight to get to NZ. Sleep and food where at a premuim. Never mind, its all good fun, intill some one gets arrested for having class C drugs on them in the airport, lol, but thats another story.
Not shore how much i'm going to like NZ, not got to much money left after all the fun I had in asia, plus just the shock of no longer being the rich white man, over here i'm just a bum to get victomised yet again. Like being back home really, apart from its going to be harder to get a job. At home I could get a job just like that. Over here I have to wait to even get my tax code, than I than have to work out how to do it. Emmm maybe have to go to one of those shit companys just to get myself started.
Prob also should not have spent all this money on this new webb book, lol. In my defence I was spenting so much money on internet cafe I thought I could was save money using Wi-fi. This turns out not to be the case in Auckland as you have to pay for it, even in star bucks, gerr. Oh well. I'm hoping to see my chezh friend when they get in soon, she has been here before so here's hoping that she may know a bit more than me and there for give me a hand. Maybe being a bit to hopeful there. Can't even get hold of here at the moment.
That brings me on to girls, not in Nz as i'v not had time to meet any, well apart form the 2 i'm sharing a dorm with, but I does not see that in a romantic way. I think that girls have been the most fun but also the biggest problem i'v had away. If you know me at all you know I tend to meet a girl and just think she is the new best think since sliced bread and make them into little Gods for me to whirship and want to always be around. This meaning that if I had not meet the ones I have I prob would have moved around a lot faster. Might you saying that i'v had a thew one night stands that I which I could forget about, but i'm shore that they feal the same way, haha. One of the ones I feel really bad about was when I was in Phukett. A girl called mint, only 19 but very beautiful.Work in a bar, not way before you start thinking the worst of me. On her day off she came out with me on her birthday. We started to make out but I was in a dorm so no more could happen and she lived with her mum. Anyway I shore her the next 3 night where she worked, this is why I had to get the bus not a flight as there were one for the day I would have to have left. Booo. I told her i'd e-mail her all the time and try and come back when I could, but I think we both know thats not really going to happen. But she was really nice.

I'v been in Nz for a few days now. Its still a cutur shock but i'm getting used to it a bit, however it would be a lot better if I had a couple of quid. Dagmar put money in my account to keep my going, I felt really bad about it, and said she did not have to do it. It makes me fell a bit small, but I really did need it. Well I guess I could have stuck around auckland and waited for my tax code and got a really shit job to keep me going, but like many people have told me try and see some of the country first before getting stuck in a job. Saying that I can only wait till the end of february, but than i'll have to book a flight home, lol. We will see
I'v just got back form a small tour up to the very north of the country. Phiha or something like that. A small beach town. Ended up staying in a bass hostel, which is part of a chain around the county and Aus. The first night was a friday night and it was carnage. All the other people in the dorm getting really pissed up and fucking one another. There noting worse when your trying to sleep cos you have to get up early in the morning than having people fuckinjg all around you, not cool. I did have a good time, talking to a American girl sussie I think form Arozonia. Native american. Nice women, just not my type. Yes I do have a type, lol. Not shore how much I drank that night but I did have a couple of ciders, nice, not had some cider in time.
The next day was cool. Went up up on the tour that was free with the bus ticket,i say free more like included I guess. First we went to look at some gum fileds and shore the old fucking massive tries that are in the cround that form the gum, well amber is what it is really cold but they call it gum. It turns out the term gum boots started in the place. Nice. Than went to the very tip of the county and shore all the views. It was also a Marai sacret place, where the soul leaves to go back to the home land after they die. Luch followed on a beach, borring, seen so many beachies of late. The best vbit was to come. SAND BOARDING. We went up to the top of a sand june with booggy boards and slid down them. Was fucking awesome!! Only went down twice, cos trying to walk up sand is a bitch!! 2 steps up one step sliding back. I now know why the army go to the dessert to train!!
Trying to remember what I did that night. Prob not much as I was tired, but I guess it prob envoled sitting around out side the room on the decking drinking. Oh yes its just come to me. I started with my samson I got in thailnad. Once that had finished that I had to sing to this bloke so that he'd give me some of his vodka, lol. Thing he gave me some to stop me singing in the end. After I had no more of that I think I got some wine of this girl on the beach. Had to get up early again the next day, as I had to book another night, couldn't do it the day before as we got back from our tour late and reception had clossed. Sunday I did't get up to much just hung arround using the cheap internet I had found. Well pissed off with this country. Got a webb book to save money on the internet and what happens there is no free wifi over here. They really are good at making money over here. Prob how it makes all its money as it is a small country and all. Went to a quizz night in the evening, we lost by one point. Damm, but I wouldn't have been able to use the prize anyway as I was off the next day. Treid to get to bed early, but the fucking frence had there own ideas!! Fucking Frence. They just came in the dorm ,lights on talking loud for time, norm people be quite but no not the frence. I was the only other person in the dorm apart from them, and being English they prob didn't give a shit. Was going to say soemthing, but sometimes it not worth it.
In auckland at the mo. The mo being 7.12.09 monday. Sitting in the cameal hostel or something. Its like a apartment with 2 dorms in. Again the interenet is fucking expensive. So i'm just writing on the old lab top. When I figure out how to fransfer this to my blog i'll post it up, lol. Tried doing it before but it wouldn't take it, man I need some computer lessions. Should be saying a little hello to Karolina later, be it late at night so i'll be even more half asleep. We'll see how that goes. Have not seen the girl in time, so looking forward to it. Just hope I don't have to travel across auckland tonight, as I have no idea how the public transport works, lol. To tired to think. Oh well. Hope to put some good stuff in here about tonight later.
Well it turns out that Karolina is to far away in Auckland to say hi. Wants to say hi tomorrow, but of course i'm living fucking early in the moring so i'm not seeing her. Called her Hope I do, cos that will be cool. I'm off to try and get some sleep, as i'm boring and not really talking to anyone. I don't think i'm cut out for the hostel life style. I'm just not used to having to sleep with loads of people and i'm still not good at talking to people, unless i'v had a couple of course, but I can't afforde boze out here so I just do not walk. I also think that a good nights sleep will help. Listern to me, its sounds like i'm bitching. I'm really not. I'm a very lucky basterd to be able to be out here, hmmmm. I'm off to bed at the late time of 11pm, lol. Man oh man thats early.

Going to hahi
i'm on the bus to Hahi at the moment, with stray as part of the package I got, takes me down to wellington past a few stay overs on the way to see and do stuff. The coach its self is small with asian style no room seats, but it is on of the cheaper options and there is a guid/ driver on the bus to point things out and stuff. He got us to do some games for us to try and get to know each other. I have to say I was not really into it, mostle cos I like to meet peopl with a drink in my hand, plus from my time in asia I tend to be quite on the bus and just sleep or ipod it.
Found out something today that the kiwi tour is just 18-19 year olds just wanting to have a good time and fuck, so if I get a bit horney in the south i'll just get myself on one of does tour buss's.

We arrive at the surf place to find out that there is wifi, the internet is so expensive that you want to just brake all the computers to teach them a lession, $1 for 10 mins. Thats the most expensive I have ever seen it, makes England look cheap, mind you all things in New zealand made England look cheap. The only good free thing we have done is dog our own holes in giothermic sand and have a little sharner, which was cool. Which I could write about that more but at vthe mo i'm so pissed off about whats going down I cant. Right, I can only book back onto the stry bus if I do it online, I have to us my lap top as that as my pace number saved on it, as I forgot to write it down. I can't phone up cos the dick heads will not take bookings over the phone

Saturday, November 21, 2009

22.11.09 island hoping, but slowely

SO i'm on koh samui, was on koh phangan, before that kho toa. All very fun. Spent loads of time riding around on a auto moto. Ha ha, as i write this i have one outside, fun driving today as i am still drunk after many mojithos and beer. Watching the free kick boxing, Owe paul 200 baht on lost bets, lol. The problem with this kick boxing thing is that its surrounded by the girly bars and the beer is 100 baht for a small, so i guess its not really free. I plan to go to phuckett tomorrow to hang around and than get a flight to singapoor, miss Maylasia out, do that another time.
2 days till the big 24!! and going to have to spent it in Phuckett not koh samiu, shame as i have made friends with a local cafe/art studio bloke called paul. BEST MOJIJOTOS IN TOWN, sorry can't spell, lol. write i'm off to book my tickett, i'll talk to all you lot later. Maybe put in the storrys about the Ausia girrl and stuff, if your luckey. Nadosen't matter, seen as i am the only person to read this, lol. See ya

Thursday, November 12, 2009

13.11.09 kp phangang or however its spelled

Was not a good day yesturday, spent all of it in bed really, felt to tired and ill. One of those days were you can't spent to much time away from the loo. Its friday the 13th today, but lets nope there is no bad luck for me tonight. I"m going to try and go out and find someone to talk to today. HOw will none do this, fuck only knows. Juts do the old tALK to ramdoms i guess. I Have 16 days left in Asia. Than i have to work. Sounds silly not wanting to go to NZ as i have to work but hay ho, i guess i'll have to come across that path when i come to it.
At the mo i'm doing the old Island hop thing. I would prob be having a better time if some daft fall had not got a tat done on there leg, so can't go in the water. Well i did once, drunking night out in Ko toa, before we went to the lady boy show. Photo's are ment to be on facebook, but than damm thing is just the worste thing and will not upload anything at the mo, just keeps saying waiting to spent and all that shit. ANyway, thats prob a rant to far for one blog. thank GOd no one reads this thing, lol.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.09 koh toa

Well what can i say, unless you dive there is fuck all to do here. I'v been here to days and the best time i'v had is the sleep. I was really silly in Ko sumed and got a new tat, so can't go in the sea. What a dick i really am. Off to get a boat ticket to ko phangan or what ever its called and see if there arepeople there who at least are willing to talk to me. SO far on this island its been one canadian in a bar last night for a hour. Never mind shit happens. if you look in lonley planet and look up mr L in ko toa and read what it says about him, its really true, funny as hell. Feel bad i'm not going to get a boat ticket off him, but its 50 baht cheaper down the raod. Bye bye i'm off for a beer to try and holt the shakes

Saturday, November 7, 2009


well i'm not going to lie to you i'm a bit drunk. I'm got a sub way, thing that says it all really. I'v just come back from ko-somed. Got thebest tat ever!! means i cant go in the sea for a while, but that's ok. erm have no idea what i am doing now, haha, going to work it out tomoz, lots of lov rich

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3.11.09 getting fustrated

Really pissed off, had to get up early to get a bus/boat to ko sumet to see a friend of mine, who had been called me on my wrong number in the day she was here. ANyway i just could sleep last night, in the end i took some valluim and sat on the fire ascape dill it started to it started to kick in. THe problem with this amazing plan was that i over slept and by the time i'd got accross town to the bus stop i would have missed the connecting boAT PLUS i had to pay for my room for one more night, derr, fuck it. I booked at the hostel for tomorrow, less hassel and they'll get me up if need be. LOL.
Yesturday i had to take Caroline back to the airport so she could go home. We were stuck in traffic for time, but thats not where the fun begins. Just getting cheeked in, getting a wheelchair, and ofcourse i could not stay with her cos of passport control and stuff. After all that i had to try and find the bus to khosan. Couldn't find it the first time round 3 mouthns agoe, lol. As it turns out piss of piss. spent the rest of the nighttrying to get hold of karolina, yes diff person, who was ment to be in town. Turns out she had been texting my wroung number!!! gerr, only turned on my other phone to try and call her on that. Turns out she had alredy gone to ko sumet, with some bloke called ROb i think. She seems keen on me coming down so i'm going down for a day, as long as i don't over sleep. lol

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Still in Bangkok for the next couple of days. Had to go to another hositpal. Caroline falling over and cutting her head open in a girly bar. Poor girl is in the wars. Just come back after her having a cheek up. Seen some very nice hospitals thats for shore, private health care out here puts the NHS to shame. Shame about the taxi drivers who try and rip you off. One wanted 300 baht to get there. I hold him thta was insaulting!! It costs no more than 100! Stupid men!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Still in Bangkok. Long storry but i'm looking after a girl who broke her leg, the names and such details will come to light at a later date. ANyway i'm still in this city. Not so bad a place when you have someone to talk to. I also have loads of people I know coming into the city in a few days so i'll prob be still hewre for..... Who knows. There is only one thing for sure, I need a piss. Thats the only thing i can plain for, cos if you have been reading this you will knoiw that my plains always change, be it for the best reasons for the worst, buthay. Thats what makes life so intresting!!1

Sunday, October 25, 2009

26.10.09- Bangkok yet again

IOS is my 3rd bloody time in Bangkok, at least i'm leaving tomorrow, was going to leave straight away but after a 12 hour bus ride i can't be fucked. I just wait around this place for a while and I don't know drink myself to death. Might do a diving course when I'm down the islands. Something to put on the old CV i guess. Better than the just going out and getting drunk while watching football, lol.
Had a Amazzing time in Chanig Mai. The poeple i meet were out of this world. I was thinking of going back up to laos with them, but i'v had that adventure aready, Its time to go South, starting making my way down the old coast line to get me to Singapore to get that flight off to the land of, Holloy shit i need a job land, lol.
Tomorrow is going to bring a day of being bored, followed by 8 hours on a bus, wait 2 hours than a 3 hour ride on a boat to get to KO tao. See what the west side is like before hitting the east. Never know i might find some more strange people to hang out with!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

23.10.09- hardly worth writing

Just a quicky. Been spending the morning riding around on the old scooter. Fun as hell. Half tempted to buy a second hand one and drive down Thailand. However, the side of my brain that does think is saying thats stupid your'll doe, lol. Going back to Chaing Mai today, than back to Bangkok the day after to get a bus down to the south, where in the south? I don't know as i don't know anything about Thailand. Cambodia? I know about, can order beeers and talk to the locals here all i can say is Thankyou, lol, and i think i get that wroung half the time.

22.10.09. Woken up in bush

Yesturday moring i was already for a day of what the hell am i going to do. Sat down eat breakfast and started to talk to the girl on the other table. 20 1 hour later i'm crashing a moto into a wall as i'v decided to go to Pai with her and her frineds!! After this crash i decide to get a lift with a bloke called Alex there. 5 hours on the back of a bike later we are there. Go straight out to eat and start drinking, as this was just to be a quick 1 night than drive home thing. The next thing i remember after a whiusky buckett is being woking up by 2 Thai women, as i was asleep in a bush. I than had to phone one of the girls in our group to come and pick me up as i was so gone!!!
Today i'v been riding my own little moto around! easy as!!! Why was i so scared before, shame i have to get the bus home tomoz, as everyone has left, but i stayed one more night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20.10.09 Post trek

SO my legs hurt, i'm tired but can't sleep and can't be fucked to even drink. Treking was cool. The people on it were cool. Only one couple and they were lesbian so there was none of the romantic crap going on. The first 3 hour walk up the hills almost killed me. If it had not of rained i think i would have just sleeped on the side on the hill!! lol. Drinking and smoking was not a good warm up for this sort of thing, lol. Was really good thow and really enjoyed myself. Hope to keep in touch with many of the people on the trek! Erm, can't really be fucked to write at the mo, so i will just say good night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15.10.09 chaeng mai

SO i'm no longer in Cambodia. I know i know you thought i would never leave. I was thinking the same thing at one point. THinking i'm the worst backpacker ever, so given up. I'm not a traveler as was the plain. I'm just chilling around Asia before i have to do the shit thing of working in NZ. NOt looking forward to that i can tell you. Not been keeping this thing updated much. I know but i can't be bothered. Was going to say fu=k=d, but i have been told i Sware to much so i'm going to keep it PG. The bus up from Bangkok was shit, couldn't really sleep. Train back down one thinks.
Bangkok again. At first i hated it, but by the end it was a fantastic place. Just have to stay off the Kasan road. Went out dancing with Yearly a young women working at the hotel. The girl loves to dance. The first club we couldn't get into cos i had shorts on. Like the UK all over again. The secound didn't look right. We than hang out on a street for a while while i had a beer. you have to bear in mind that i was not getting drunk this night. In the end we ending up down some ramdom place with clubs. The first one was so loud that we had to leave. Made metel gigs seem silent. The scound was more like one big thia party. Was fantastic, even got me dancing. One of the best nights ever in the end. GOt back around 3-4 am, check out was 12, lol. What else did i do in Bangkok, I'm going to leave for another time as i can't be botherd now. Just wanted to put this little bit in. I'll try and get on in the next couple of days. Think i'm going to go off on a trek of some sort, so a small bag may be in order. Remember Donations to the dickie got robbed fund are still welcome as of yet i still have none, lol. Catch you laters.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

25.09.09 change

Change. Bet you thing i mean that I have left Cambodia. som dtou atay. Sorry no. I'm staying a little longer than off to Bangkok. This will be followed by a trip to the Philippians. Going to suck having to leave Kim behind but maybe its for the best, as i might end up staying her, having to make a fake CV and teach English here, lol. Might come back and do that After Nz and back home for a while, but i think i should atleast do a teffel course or something. I have done a bit of one on one english teaching here and there but a school is a bit diff. I'm going to go walk down the river frount today, all loverly, lol. Na just want to see it in the day time really. ANyway i'v got to go and put my bag in my new guest house, which in fact is my old guesthouse, but they let me getting away with more stuff, plus its owned by a policeman. Handy to have soemone you can get you out of a bit of trouble. Herd a funny storry yesturday. The owner walked in still in uniform. One of the lads smoking a spliff on the deck got spook and jumped in the lake and started to swim off! lol. THe policemans sasying come back come back i'm not going to arrest you, lol. Funny as ten. Right best go and see andy and find out if nai(his khmer girl) is preggers or not. She told him she was, but while i was leaving yesturday i asked her, but she just blow me a kiss and said no. Silly girl didn't relize that andy could here her, lol. It was my little way of telling him what she was luike without getting involed. I know her from Sihoukville you see. She has loads of boyfriends senting her back money and she tried to fuck half of jack shack. Long stiorry really, but if you do live native i guess, lol. Catch you lot later, who knows maybve i will have left Cambodia, hmmmmmmm......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last blog got cut short when steve came marching into the cafe saying that he had just seen chris. The old bar man from jack shack in sinville. He's up trying to blag teaching english, better money. So i took him to a cheap guest house i know than we had a beer. It rained luike shit so we wentr for a curry. I tried to get soem sleep later as i was really tired. Kim, my lady freind from over here, was went to pick me up at 10.am to take me to some hill place. But she never turned up! Strangley she was well latere in the nightas she went dancing. Howver she did turn up with food later on which was nice of her. Had soem problems with the hotel as in this place if you bring a girl back they have to sign in. However kim does not seem to have a ID card. Bit funny if you ask me, but i have known this girl for a few weeks now and she knows i don't have anything to steal, and what i do have is on me! They said she could stay but be it oin my head as if anything goes missing its my fault. I did say to them that she was not a hooker, she prob is to be honest but she does not charge me, lol.
I seem to have been bitten like a shit last night. My feet are like a dot the dot picture. NOt good, itchy as fuck!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So back in phnom phen. Staying in a small room at the mo, thinking of moving to a bigger one, but its a walk and not as nice, but a bigger bed which is cool. I seem to be at a lose end. I'v paid for my visa but want to move on

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today i saw some temples, again. Which is what you do really. These ones were a bit better as they looked like ruins not just rebuild. Had trouble getting to them as all the traffic going to the temples for the locals to pray. Today is lie christmas to them, so nothing open, lol. i'm off to eat and have a small beer, than maybe phone my driver to see i i can be bothered to do anything tomorrow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

18.09.09 Where to start

Well the question is where does one start. I can't remember the last time i wrote anything, lol. At the mo my in siam reap. Seeing the hole ankor what shit. Having my money drained from me like a water pump. This time its all cos i'm spending it like a dick. Fuck having money in NZ. I'll sort something out. If i can't get a job there i'll just come back to Cambodia and teach English, everyone i meet tells me i should do it, and at $15 a hour its good pay to. Can you see that, me in a suit teaching people how to speak, lol. What else has happened.... Stuff i can't write in a cafe thats for shore, lol. Yet really. I have meet this really nice khmer girl called kim. Sort of seeing her i guess, this could be a problem of course as i have to leave in about 3 weeks as my visa runs out. Unless i get that jib i talked about i can't really spent to much more time here as i will just get bored. Only so much drinking you can do it seems. I'm off to get soem food as i'm really hunger from walking around temples and shit all day. Might get a foot massage or soemthing, lol. Look at me being a flash packer. Goodnight all

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


999. Oh shit its the reverse devils day. LOL. Oh well. Well the waters died down a bit and the coach managed to get throw. Here I am in Phnom Penh. Surprised Chris last night when he walked into the DRunken frog and saw me there. It is a small world after all. Getting my visa extended fort a month so i can fit in all the stuff i should have been doing instead of hanging on the beach for 3 weeks. Ok 4 days in Kampot and a thew in bed ill. Thats going to e a week here followed by a few days to a week in siam reap. Battambang maybe than how knows. I was thinking of some khamera lessons but i'm not really staying long anouth really. So i'll stick with ordering drinks saying thank you and the bill please, lol. Som beer luo= 1 beer please. awkon= thank you. Som kit laoy= the bill please. Atay= no, bart= yes. Dorp= bottle. kut= big. Strangly saying hello is far to hard. Its fucking long, but bye to le-hi.

Monday, September 7, 2009

7.09.09 time running out

I have 4 Days to get to phnom penh before my visa runs out to get it exstended. Tried to leave again today. This time not my fault. The road was flooded to I had to turn back! SHIT SHIT SHIT! I can not stay in this town in my current state. I need visa, a warm shower and a change of view. Also there is fuck all to do in this tow nwith constant rain. Oh yes there is do drinking with your mates in the bars. Oh yes, At the mo I have no friends and can't drink. All in all a good day

Sunday, September 6, 2009

6.9.09 ill

If i could stop being ill now it would be nice. Its not could here so I should not have to wear a jumper and still be cold! Went to the doctor who tried to give me a Iv yesturday. I said NO just give me the pills. After throwing up Lime green shit this morning i'm thinking i should of just had it. Missed my Bus cos of it. Have to Try again tomorrow. Told in 4-7 days i'll be ok. Can't drink drink or have cold water. Poo!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

30.08.09 spacd out

I"m so spaced out today, to much drinking redbull, means big come down today. Erm yes so, i don't know. Didn't get in till 7-8 this morning than sleeped a little, spent day watching shit tv in bed, erm yes so i'm off to watch the football. See you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

28.08.09 what now

What am i going to do now, i have no idea. Hmmmm. Might go see a cave, or might just go to thwe pub, lol. Should i go to the caves in a moto, cycle or tuk tuk, hmmmm. I just don't know.
Leaving Kampot tomorrow moring to have a sat night in Sihlaukville. Than Off to sian repp i guess, hmmm. Still got to move my flight, but i don't seem to ever get round to it, to much doing nothing, lol. Right got to go. C, ya

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Spend the night in the place, empty as fuck man. But got a Good night sleep, well sort off, ddin't get back till gone 3 in the moring and woke up at around 12, still drunk, mainly cos i hadn't eaten in 24 hours. My coming to Kampot to de-tox has failed %100 so I think i'm going to go back to Sihaakville for the weekend before gouing up to sian-reap. Well might go to PP First as I think a couple of the lads are going. I'v got to ExstaND MY VISA AND REARANGE MY flight tomorrow once i get there. NOt done mush today, drank some coffe and walked around trying to find a barber, did not go well, so i think i'm just going to have to hack it off myself, lol. Going to have a white patch on my face where my beard used to be, lol. Still don't have a working camera, must really get one in PP. Going to Go for a happy hour drink in a mo, than miht go off to the honey for a quick beer, perve on near this girl who works there. I sprt of feel sorry fr the poor girl cos she seems to have this 40 odd girl old man as girl boyfriend. Mkes me a bitsick as she is only 19 and far to nice to have a Dick like that. Tried to tell her that she does not have to be with him just because he is nice to her and maybe has money. Khamaer Girls do not understand these terms....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

26.08.09 Kampot

SO I have Arrived here, this is my second day. Trying to relax and get over this stuff i did in Silhnaukville. Did fuck all yesturday, WAlked around town lost as i didn't have a map, lol. IN the Evening i Had the worlds biggest somosa. NO really, it was like a massive pastie. I nick names it Pas-osa. Was fantasic, shame it was $3.5!!!! I than went to a bar called the HOney pot. I know i know I'm not ment to be drinking, i only had 2 Thank you very much. GOt talking to the Nickolas and hes Khaire wife. i'v agreat to rent a room in there new guest house for a bit. Its $4 a night, but its more like a flat than a room, with 24 hour access, whih is better than t he one i was in last night. Looks like i'm going to be staying here a little longer as well than, lol. Going to ring Quantas latter see about moving my flight, i fucking hope so as it cost 800 Pounds!! IF not i'll miss thialand i guess. BIt of a shitter, i want to stay here, but 800 pounds is a shit load of money to waste. If anyone would like to donate $1200 to me that would be nice, Or even have my ticket, shore we can at least chnage the name on the ticket. Don't know what to do today, just tired and lazy, lol. I think working so hard befroe coming out was studip as know i can't be fucked to do anything, this is after 2 Mounths as well. Lol. Man its going to be a shock when i have to come back.

Monday, August 24, 2009


So i have left Silhankville and gone off to kampot. There does not seem much to do here with out spending alot of money. Think heading off back north would be a good idea. Shame i really want to go back to Silhankville and hang out with my new friends. Prob with hanging out with people who live there is that they don't travell lol. ANyway, i'm going to go find something to eat. Ca ya

Saturday, August 22, 2009

22.08.09 Sinville

still have not left, Going to watch the football this weekend than I may go off for a couple of days or so to De-tox, Kampot may be a good idea, Quite town, river, day trips away to water falls and a national park, could be just what i need. Or even going off to Thiland, but I can aways changed flights, plus i have all the time in the world, why rush around, over here i'm not really poor, can manage just fine on $20 a day, and thats having fun fun fun! Could even stay for free and spent $2-3 a day if need be. There is also the option of getttinga little job while i'm out here, but don't know if i can be bothered . I'll let you know how it goes after tonight. De-pends if i go see my lady freind or not, lol.

Friday, August 21, 2009

21.08.09 Time in cambodia

I can't be fucked to go back and write what i need weeks ago. Mainly cos i can't really remember the order in which things happened. Been Busy enjoying myself and lettnig my air down so to speak.
Been in SIlhankville or a week or so now, apart from being tired and getting fatter i'm really enjoying it. Got Friends to hang out with, a couple of bars to drink in where i can talk to the starf, and if you feel the need for sex, well, its all there for you, paid and unpaid,lol. I'm more of a unpaid fan myself, lol. Its raining at the mo, so i'm not doing much today. I"m still getting over a 2 dayer, lol. but tonight i'll go and do the frieday thing, not stay out late. GOt football tomorrow night. YAY. Funny Watching games at 7-10-12 at night, but at least you can have a beer watching and not feel like a bit day piss head.
I which i could stay here alot longer, Get a long term room and a job in a bar and hang. However I don't have the time with my thiland visa started, maybe a week more and i'll have to go to Siep rip and sea the temples. Could come back i guess but its 10-12 hour's on the buss so i think one ways the best thing. Than i guess Thiland. I know nothing about there, apart from its expensive and theres sand too, lol. But i might go to the North for a bit first. As you all now i'm not the biggest fan of the beach's(he says while at one and not wanting to leave). Anyway thats it for this one. I might fill in the gaps later, when i get around to buying a lap top, lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vietnam, Hanio 2.08.09

went to a musium thing to look at Vietnam people lives. Was good, in the evening i had a shitty head so went to bed

Monday, August 17, 2009

1.08.09 Off to vietnam

Off to Vietnam we go. Taking the plain as we cant be fucked with the 24 hour bus ride with the dodge border crossing. Vietnam air 1 hour.
We arrive and get the shuttle into town. Its fucking it down and when we get to the hostel they didn't have the booking for me, thinking bethan had just booked twice. I go a ro0m anyway.
In the evening i went out with a bloke Called Emanuele from Italy, Bologna i do believe. We sat around drinking 3000 dong beer. about 8-10 p i guess. This mixed in with going to bars that cost $2 a beer. Was a fucking good night, till we couldn't find anywhere open and ended up sitting on the hostel steps drinking cans, lol.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

31-07-09 water fall

Went to the water fall today the big one not the small one we tried to cycle to. Drew and mell didn't come as they were ill so it was Bethan and I. Was great we jumped in a truck with some other people so it was cheaper to get there. Was fun there, great picks, fantasic views! pics on facebook. If they ever upload, fucking camera and facebook hate each other. Flying to Vietnam the next day to sat in bed reading and drinking some whisky at night


Again did fuck all. Had a loas style BBQ than Bethan was ill with a bad belly.

29.07.09 36k bike ride

Drew Mel and myself decided to rent some bikes and cycle to a water fall.
Cutting it all short as time is money. We went to the wrong water fall- 6k di-verson. Than on gwetting to the one we wanted there was no where to park bikes and we had to get a boat the last bit. We didnt have the noney for this, so ended up just going back. 36k round trip up mountins and shit and no water fall. lol at least it was a fun cycle.
In the eveing went out, got food and than went to bed, didn't feel well.


Can't really put in any thing i wrote in my book. Basically sat on the balcony reading and drinking.

27.07.09 Fucking bus

The bus was hell 7-8 hours on a shit road!! The best part of it was listening to '' I want to know what Love is on my i-pod, lol.
Getting a room was fun, people don't seem to understand i'm not fucking Bethan so don't want to share a bed! ANyway we got a nice room with only a fan for 60,000 a night.
In the evening did fuck all, eat than got lost in the night Market lol. The market was like a buf-a at a weeding.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

26.07.09 dead to the world

Dead to the today. Just about manage to get a bus Ticket to luang prabang. Than in the eveing i got a bottle of cheap whisky for 15,000 about a pound and drank it. I felt alot better after that.

25.07.09 Drugged

So we went back Tubing, this time bethan coming with.
Was going great! I had a bad tummy in the morning but that went after some salts and beer. Met more people on the way, there were lots of us. Did more rope swings, got stuck going down the slide, free drinks, having a whale of a time. Than at one of the last bars. MR lao Lao's it happened.
Cos we had been there the day before and had food and beer, and the day after we came back with more people eating again with more beer(they make so much money off us its unreal) Mr Lao Lao remember my name gave me a free bucket to share with my friend. Thinking it was normal, and it tasting normal down it went, along the group. A while later i started t come up. I know it had to be Mushroom and weed. I don't do well on mushrooms and i know what weed feels like.
The others at this time didn't seem to be on anything, so i didn't say i was gone. I went off to the loo, watching it move around for a while and came back. At this point the group started saying to each other: are you ok? whats this? was there anything in there? I didn't say anything i didn't want to scare them, aftyer a while they worked most of it out.
In my eyed it was time to leave, i was fucked and didn't want to stay, but the only way back, in our eyes anyway was the river. So i jumped in and sailed off, watching my friends get smaller and smaller in the distance. Bethan jumped in after me, but the othere's took there time, lol
Floating down the river tripping on mushrooms in the middle of lao was not to bad really, but it was raining and cold.
It was like a cheesy TV disaster movie, we where the people have to pull togehter to get through it. At one point drew was drifting away and we had only finger tips joind and someone holding my legs. I'm not shore how we got back or what happend cos something else kicked in, but i rememeber going tobed!

Pissed up short poem

I rode a tube in Viang today
I played, I played, I played
I jumped off a Rope swing today
I swede, I swede, i Swede.

Fucking shit and not finished, lol says it all really


TOday we did this thing called Tubing, its quite possibley the best fun your''ll ever had. Makes sex feel like a quick wank!lol What it envilves is going down the river in a rubber tube stopping at bars along the way to drink beer and go on robe swings and water slides! It may not not sound much like fun but you have to remember that there is no health and safty.
In the eving i stayed in, already drunk from the tubing and couldn't be bothered to sit in a bar on my own again.
I wrote a shit load in my Diary that night, but as always i can't put the good stuff on line, you'll have to E-mail me and ask lol.


Picked up Visa's for Thailand. Than off to the Buss station to get a buss to Vang Vieing. Turns out they put the Price up from 5000kip to 30,000, shock! As there where a lot of us we got a private car with Aircon. It worked out about the same amount.
On arriving we spent time walking round diff guest house's till one was found that had 3 beds and was cheap. All Good.
Drew and I played a bit of cheese, think i was decleard winner after we left half way through and i had his queen.
In the eveinign i seemed a bit drunk lol, remember watching friends in a bar, lol


Went of to get visa's foe Thiland. Than walked about. Went into a bar witch had awesome loo's that looked like they were cut out of Tree trunks, cos they were lol.
At night we went BOwling!!Yep the people of Loas are really big on it, plus its on of the only place's you can drink late at night! BOwling dudem Loas. WHo would have thorght it


Bla bla bla, we had really good french steak than went off to drink more beer and play card in the room ,plus listern to music.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I guess i should prob fill in a bit as i'm not at to much at the mo. Hmmm, where do i start, i'v not got my book on me so i'll have to try and remember.
SO getting off the night train at the border we had to change trains and get stamped out of Thailand. Hop on a little train going over the freindship bridge to stop and get out Loas Visa's. This was all good, cost us erm i dont know something most likley $30. Than off into town to find somewhere to stay. The capital Vietinan or something like that. We shared a truck taxi stile thing with some dutch family plus this girl Abbey who made friends with us. Was so fucking funny as we got to a guest house we were going to get a price from. Bethan ran into a old friend from uni who she has not seen in 10 years. Drew and hes girlfriend Mel. ( we hung out with them for the rest of loas but thats a diff story). More to follow in Na-trang........ Or you could phone me or text me or sent me a e-mail. all sorts of ways to find out,lol But remember we are 6-7 hours ahead here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just a little filler to keep us going.
Right at the mo its the 30.7.09. I'm in Laos and i'm a bit burned and achy after a 36k cycle round Luangperbang to find water falls. i'v been to several place's in Laos. The most fun was Vain voang or something like that. where we went tubing. This is going down the river in a rubber tube, stopping at bars on the way to drink and go off water slides and swings into the river. Where you have to try and get back to shore before the river takes you away. Health and safety is not a issue out here. I"m off to Vietnam in a couple of days, Hanoi being the first stop. I'll update the blog better than as the computers over here are not very good. Can't even upload a photo. Have fun dudes and don't be forget i do like people to say hi

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poem - Parabola

I am a man on the move,
distonation unclear.
Methord unshore
Reasons debatable.

Do i enjoy it?
Which one of me you asking?
THe boy?
The man?
Piss head?
Reclose or the shy?

All say yes and no!
Leaving it to the brain to ask the hart to drew strews.
Forgetting to cut one short.

Time steps in to help.
She says he'll get back to us.

20.7.09 Sleeper to Laos

I didn't want to get up, and i didn't put my net up properly so i got a big bite on my bum! I had a fight with a cock roach the night before when i got in. I was having a piss so all i could really do was keep pissing on it. HAHA. Breakfast didn't go down well ether. Bethan was ill so she had to get some anti-biotics. Than off we went to get Vietnam visa's. Letter turned out we had been done over again, but that seems the norm out here. One the plus side, my faith in poeple was restored again(be it only for a few days or so). I was sat on the steps of a store with all the bags waiting for Beth to come back from her turn in the embassy. 2 women came out of the store and i thought i'd have to move on. No no no, instead they invited me in cos they had air con, let me drink water and when bethan returned gave us coffee! The nicest people ever! Shame we can't bread more more from there DNA. we than paid whats turns out way to much for a visa and only got 15 days, meaning we have to exstend it when we get in.( sorry for the spelling but the computers in Laos are so shit that it will not work, can't even get facebook).
Off to the train station we went where a nice long wait till the train came. I sucked it up and paid 20 pound for a lonley planet- which turns out to be shit- and beth went on the internet.
On the sleeper train i settled down with a bottle of chang. THe girl on the top bung was really hot, but she spoke no english-booo!!
Looking out the window it looked a bit like Oxfordshire. Was very dark with some street lights in the distance. Plus a big tower with a red light on, yep it was like Didcot power station, lol.
Awesome, chilling in the bunk watching Thialand go by, listening to Queen Adreena on the i-pod. I'm preity like drugs, than comes on Green day, time of your life, drinking chang beer on a sleeper going to loas from Thailand, could be worse.
No matter how home sick or how much i miss my friends and family. When i look back as a old man playing my old Green day CD's, my kids or grand kids calling me sad for liking old studid music, that song will come on and it will bring it all back. I bet a tier comes to my eye just like it has now. It's something unpredictable but in the end is right, i hope you've had the time of your life. I ask you friend. Go to your cd's for mp3 collection, find Green day time of your life, put it on, crack open a beer and think of a great memory that we shared together!

19.7.09 sight seeing

Sight seeing in Bankgog. All the normal shit really, temples, palace more temples.
The evening i went to bars on my own, drank beer, talked to a people and listend to music.
I also told alot of touts to piss off as i'm not paying for sex!!! NO matter how clean the girls are!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

18.07.09- bangkok

We leave India and set off on the 6/7 hour flight to Bangkok. Was hell! I was so tired i couldn't sleep much and the films were poo. Apart from my name is earl and 2 and a half men. We tried getting the bus but gave up after the first change, and just got a tuk tuk, so hot and tired! We felt a hostel that was like Sobers old shed in side, but it had a fan so i was happy. and 3 pound a night about 150 bht. Than it was a case of getting the tickets for the sleeper train and back to bed and food. Oh yes i got a tattoo, the Hindu or Buddhist can't remember god of lust, lol.

17.07.09 the coffee is mocking me

Today was the day that we were leaving Nepal. Off to India for 9hours before going off to Bangkok.
I sat in the restaurant of the guest house stearing at my cup of coffee, it was mocking me! I just could not drink it. Rahm seemed fine after he's night out, good for him. On leaving the hotel we gave him a bottle of beer, we had to hide it from hes boss as he didn't like the young Hindu lads drinking. Off to the airport we go. 4-5 security cheeks later, one on the tarmac next to the plain we were off! I could see all the mountains over the clouds and it was awesome.
On landing it was a pain. Immigration couldn't seem to understand that i was only stopping for 9 hours and than i was off and that i didn't want to get back into hes country, lol.
The 9 hours seemed to go quite fast, I finished my book and started the new one. Bethan made friends with a Indian bloke who was off to Hong gong to ask he's girl friend to marry him and alope. This was because her parents didn't like him. We left at 1.30 am


The coach trip back from Phokera to Kathmandu took 8/9 hours. THe bus kepted braking down, gear problems! I'm suprissed it made it back! Kathmandu was as smelly and dirty as ever, so didn't want to be back here. Met a Isrialy called David on the bus over so went to stya at hes cheap hostel, didn't have a fan but was 80p each to stay a night. We met up with the fulman girls in the street and aranged to meet up with them later for a drink.
Later Bethan didn't feel to well cos of a migrian so stayed in, i went off to meet the girls. However i was 1-2 hours late as i got caught talking to the hotel owner and hes mate drinking roxy, lol. THe basterd said i looked 35, lol.
Stayed in the reggie bar talking to the girls for a while and went back to the hotel.
Early in the moring when the barking begain for 3 hours, this was followed by the bell ringing, followed by more barking. At 7-8 bethan could take no more and went off to the khansgta, the place we satyed last time, i followed a hour later, once it came to me what just happend.
I lay in the new guest house under the fan loving it, was so tired and hot.
That night we met up again with the Fulman girls, and took out a young lad who works in the hotel Rahm, i thing how you spell it. Was funny as, we got shots and drank beer than went off to another bar to do a hubby bubby-sisha, or a huker. One of the girls was trying to find from a local who she had snogged the night before, oh dear, girls will be girls.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

14.7.09- basically

Basically i did fuck all apart from go for a drink with Duncan's Friend Hanna as we both had fuck all to do. At night i cot fucking wet walking to Kelmell's to hang and watch the storm with cold beer.

13.7.09- Roxy

Nothing really happened this day apart from buying a bus ticket for Kathmandu. Apart from me buying some Roxy! This is Nepal hooch. Not aloud to buy it for shit. I went into a shop and tried my luck asking for it. She looked at me a bit funny saying they can't sell it. I said ok, but can you get it. She made a phone call to get her husband to sell me some as he drinks it. lol. SO in a hours time he turns up with this coke bottle fall of this clear stuff. He let me taste a bit and it was the stuff i'd had before, so i got it for about rb300. Not bad really for a Westerner. I took it to Duncan's as it was the last night he was going to be about. I offered about but only Duncan had a small sip.

12.7.09 lake

I'll have to keep it short as i have not updated this for a week and there is way to much to put in.

I woke up early and felt fine after the day and night of drinking, but as the morning went on i got more and more sick and hangover. THe coffee was not going down well at all sat in the Moondance waiting for lee to come. We set off in the little rowing boat off into the lake, stopping for beath to pee in a bush. She wAS SO SCARED A BUG OR ANT WAS GOING TO BITE HER, LOL. iT RAINED ALOT AND THE PONCHO IHAD GOT WAS SHIT AS THERE WERE buttons on it, meaning kaps, i got wet. After 4 hours on the lake we got out, my bum was killing me sat on the boat seat.
In the evening i went off to meet up with the Aussie bloke and the Fulman girls. Couldn't find them out so i went down to the old jazz bar. No one was in here ether, but seen as it was so so wet out and i decided to where shoes and socks, i stayed for a few. I talked to the bar man i tALKED TO THE OTHER DAY. He's mate kept bugging me to play music with him, i tolded him i couldn't play. He didn't beleave me, saying i looked like a rock star so i have to be able to play. In the end i played to show him how bad i am, he was not impressed. I got back about 1-2 in the moring just a little pissed of cheap Nepal rum.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stop gap

This is just a stop gap post saying that i'm not dead and there will be more info coming when i get to a place where its a bit cheaper to us internet. IN Bangkok train station at the mo, waiting to catch the night sleeper to laos, just spent 20 pounds on a book of asia as it might be usfull seen as i have no idea about anything! by by

Thursday, July 16, 2009

11.07.09 getting pissed with a American

Today's 1 thing to do was find out how much a ticket cost to limbini. After going to 5 or so it worked out the first one was the cheapist Rs 700 for 2, about 5 pounds, but its only a mornal bus. Which would be intresting with our big bags. Even vow one said it was a coach, hmmmmm. Just seen 3 18 year old british girls dripping wet from the rain. I think one of the best views i'v seen for a while, hahaha ( know they where 18 cos i overherd them talking to this drunk American women). The secound best view i'v seen were these drunk Napelise girls dancing with each other in the blues bar last night! hahaha, i'm still dirty it seems, but at least i'm only looking now, lol.

Its 1.15 time for another moondance coffee one thinks. It costs a little more, but it tastes so much better than other place's round here.

I met up with a drunk American girl called Arbury(i think thats how you spell it, but hay what do i know), but she said i could call her Lee. She just came up to me and just asked if i was on my own. I said i was at the minute, having a seat. We talked for a bit, so got some food than we went to a bar. This was the drunk American who was talking to the 18 yr old girls. She was so drunk cos she had been drinking wine since 9am, haha, got to love that. you can see how drunk she is from the pic. We went off to the Amsterdam bar and had a couple of drinks, i had 2 large bottles of beer, you get beer in 660 mil bottles. SHe had a couple of whisky cocktail things. We watched the rain really coming down out side. Than at 5.30 went to go meet up with Bethan to go carry on with the drinking. Turns out i was a hour late, got the time wrong, dooh!
We stopped off at Boomerang's to have dinner with the 3 18 year olds and a Ausie bloke who was with them, like i said lee was talking to them, she was on the coach down with them from Kathmandu. I named the 3 girls: blond, cute and annoying, lol. In the end the ladder was not. They came from Fulman and one off there dads was a travel agent so had set the hole thing up for them. The busy bee was to follow, where i was drinking some blue cocktail among other things. As lee had been drinking since 9am she went back to her guest house, but we kept going. Just remembered i tired to chat up the Nepalese bar girl, lol Just the line so how long have you worked here and everything. It went so well that another bar tender came in and saved her by playing pool with me. Strange fact, he was off to Portsmouth for a holiday, lol.

10.7.09 Getting good at fuck all

I'm really getting good at this doing fuck all thing! Don't think i'v ever read as much as i have this week. I finished off my book. I wrote a little message in it for the next person who reads it to send me a e-mail and let me know where it ends up. So up till 5 yesterday i sat around reading, posted my postcards and got a new book. I'v got this feeling that my postcards are not going to get get back, not shore if it was even a postbox, or the right stamps,lol The book i got was a cheap rs 150 thing, about 1 pound twenty i guess. I'm not shore whats it was about, but its by the bloke who wrote the books get shorty and Jacky brown were based on, so it might be good. couldn't handle anymore than that cos as always i was a bit hungover. After meeting up with Bethan we went to the old blues bar again. Think we were meeting up with some of bethans Volunteer friends, Bert, who i met at the childrens home. We left at 10 to go back to the room. Planning on going out sat night, see if Duncan and ka-mail fancy it. I'm not shore if they will. If for nothing else there guest house locks the gate at night.

Friday, July 10, 2009

9.7.09 idrankwhisky

Tried to wake up early with the alarm going off, but i didn't want to get up after a couple of beers and a smoke the night before. In the end i just got up, put on my cloths and went out. Aranging to meet up with Bethan at the moon dance at 4, as she wanted to stay in bed. Oh yeah, this was after trying to duck tape some wire together to get the tv working. As the plug on the tv is too small for the plug socket, to get it to work normaly i have to us the adapter i got in the uk, lol, but i was using that for my i-pod, in the end i just went fuck it and unplucked my i-pod(so happy thats working again).
Up till 5 i spent the day writing out the posts cards i got to sent home and reading. I also got a new shirt to replace the white one i had, which is now brown. We popped down to look at the lake as it was to early to go to the old blues bard,where iwanted to try out. Man was a hell of a view! Than we went off toeat, ifancied getting some momo. While eating(and i was drinking, shock) I thought it wouls be cool to open own a bar in pokera, so we wounderd how much it would cost.The bloke who owned the resterant we were in siad he paid 2000 pounds a month! Don't think i'll be opening a bar any time soon.
While Bethan stayed in the internet cafe we were in i went over to the old blues bar to cheek it out. I was empty! I just had a over priced beer and played some pool with one of the locals. Turns out the bar was the first to open in Pokera and the pool table was 25 years old, thats only 2 years younger than me! I than had to go off and tell Bethan that iwas off to the busy bee instead as she was staying in the internet cafe longer. I sat at the bar, drinking a beer watching a young Nepalise band doing covers of rock songs, like queen and acdc and such. Untill Bethan turned up, what time i dont know. We than went to go and shit at the back of the bar,outside. Bethan got talking to the blokes in frount, by this time i was a bit drunk onlymakes a few beers out here to get me gone, i'd not even started to drink the whisky yet, which one of the lads gave me. HYe just poored a load in my empty beer glass! so i mixed it with me rum, haha, rum with JD and coke, nice. Cant really rememberd what we talked about, but i do remember that one of them had some top 10 alams in napel, so i gues wwe were sitting with a rock star, lol. Oh yes i remember something behtan got a pizza, lol. Drinkings bad ok. Erm i guess we walked back at somepoint, cos i remember being in the room, drinking loads of water.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Bethan left at 10.15 to go to the children's home to teach computing. Told me to meet her later at 1 there so we could talk to the volunteer coordinator. I said ok. Soon after i got up and went for a fry up! haha I'm going to come back fatter! Only a pound! All the way down the road i kept getting lads trying to sell me drugs, whish i still smoke shit loads cos than i really would be having the time of my life! lol. One of them kept on me the hole walk, so i jumped into the moondance, where Duncan was and talked to him for as while. I told him i was going back to the children's home and how i was a really bad person cos it was not my cup of tea. COs it fucking knackering running around with them in the sun, and cos I cant teach them stuff thats all i could do. He seemed to get it, don't think anyone else does. I think its really easy fro people who have been in education to think that its easy to do. I find it really hard to do. Does not help that ii'm a bad person not wanting to hand out with kids in a childrens home all day. Never know till you try, do i not like that phrase, infact it really..... I sau bollocks all i can teach is drinking a load of beers and falling over drunk while calling the reff a wanker! I'm not a siant or a out going person. If that makes me a bad perosn than so be it! I'm not a saint, i'm a much better sinnner!
Despite this i left to go meet and talk about what ever i had to do, or just to tell tham iwas not going to home back, as it was not for me. Lime i said a bad perosn.
I got lost!!! I don't know how but i did! Maybe it was my subconscious not letting me go i don't know. But i ended up back at the moondance soacked in sweet and abouyt to pass out, it was so hot. I had somehow ended up down the other side of town! However i did find some duck tape!!! Why i did that? you will find out at a later date, hahaha. I Told Duncan who was still there i got lost, he just laughed. HE told me he once got lost walking down a single path in the jungle once. I styed there after Duncan left till about 4.30 than went back to the hotel to make shore Bethan could get back in. Man is she going to be pissed at me! lol
Sub note. Moonsoon my arse in Pokera. No fucking rain in the day! Kathmando had 79.4 mill we got 4.9, not much!
NOt much happened the rest of the day. I went over Duncans and Kamels. HAd some jager, smoked a little and talked about pets back home, lol. As you do. I left at 11pm, but the owner locked me in, had to wake him up to let me out, funny as 10. THink something was going down last night, all the police where out with sticks so i had back as fast as i could!


Still in pokera, got up late, so off to lunch we went . Than off to the childrens home. We didn't go the same way as the day before so ended up taking a we walk around the house's, no really house's,lol. The sun had got to me again, felt sick and my head was spinning. Think the last 2 days being out in the sun, not drinking much had done me. I really don't do well in this heat. So off i went to liy under the fan in the guest house for the day. I ended up watching TV! Finance of Asia and some natiopnal geograthic. I alkso read some more of my book. Godd job i read so slow, or i'd always be buying new books! haha. At about 9.30 Bethan came back and we talked just down the street to a cafe and had dinner. Here we bumped into a bloke from Iraq who was in the same guest house we stayed at at Kathamdo. We talked to him for a while than went to bed. I still was not %100 but still managed to watch some south park, even here they have that.

6.7.09 Volenteer dick

So i'll keep it breef again, as it happened 2 days before i write it down, lol. Thats me, a bit derr.
Went off to the childrens home. Bethan wanting to do stuff, i just came along for the walk. Spme how i ended up playing with the kids for 4-5 hours. No not in a garry glitter way- avi. Taching them the how to do the seperating thumb think. Plus some table tennis, playing on the slide, monkey bars and in the dirt, boys will be boys. They also shows me round there rooms, again not gary glitter, and well the hole place. I was fucking tired by the end, how much energy do kids have, all my God! I was good i guess, but it was my first time dealing with children on mass. Them pulling me eacch way and that, saaying "uncle uncle. trying to get my attainsoin, all at once. Made me feel good inside, but i don't know, my and kids?
After leaving did some internet than off to bed, been in the sun most of the day and i was tired out!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

5.7.09 3pm at the time of writing

Went on a pony trek. A story to be shore. These pony's did not look strong enough to carrying us on them, but we went ahead anyway. I thought its not my place to say, and it was my first time on one. By the time we got through town( he didn't tell me how to ride the ram thing i just guessed), i was a bit shore in the nuts! BUt i carried on anyway, as it was a mountin and i had paid for it. We got 2 3rds of the way up i said fuck this i'm getting off and walking. SO the guid rode the horse and i walked, lol
to say i was fucked when I got to the top was an understatement! Bethan says that my face was all white, lol. We stoped for a coke and Bethan talked to the locals, i was to fucked to talk, so i just drank a coke. Walking up to the pieace progoda was next, with the normal photo things going on.
The walk down was a bit better, but the guide didn't seem to want to accept that my balls where hurting, didn't tell him that it was also cos the horse did not look well. When we were coming down from the pieace progoda some women from an animal charity had words with the guide about the state of the pony's, he didn't really want to know. Puttting it all sort i had to do the length of a pony trek walking trying to keep up with the pony's, lol. THis was wet, muddy hilly hot, mid day, all a bit silly, plus i had to pay for it, lol.
Later on in the evening we went back round duncans and kamels, where we watched black books, funny as, we were on the roof with the i-pod on a chair with the speakers, lol, smallest cinema ever!!

still pokera, i forgetr what day, the 4th i thing

We had to the ausie's and Canadians room at 9 after stopping for some dinner. i had the best chilly i have in time, for that price anyway, lol. We didn't get to party on the roof as it was only us 4, so we sat around drinking and smoking. We was call to hang with some people again, that i could just talk to with out having to try and think if they can understand what i'm saying. Duncan turns out to be (ausie) huge into rock climming and did magic tricks. He;s also really into black books and red dwelf plus black adder, weird no?! Going to go round there and watch some one thei-pod later, the smallest cinema ever, lol. To be honest i can't really remember much of what happend as i was drinking 7% tigre beer, not the same as you get back home. THe beer really go's to my head here, 2-3 beers and i'm gone, lol. I do know that i had a really good time so thats all i give a shit about.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th pokera and chitwan


So we are now in pokera, i no i missed loads out again, but give me a minute, I cant do the writing thing every day. The jungle walk went great. The canoe ride was a bit off as the canoe rocked from side to side to much, with a weight not evenly distruputed.
On the way back from the walk we played with the elephants while they bathed, as you do, looked a bit put on, and the nellys seemed to be working not playing, but it was fun for us. Did, do feel sorry for the elephants vow, poor basterds. We were all fully dressed when we went in the riveras we didnt know we were going to be doing it at that time. I almost got sweeped away by the current as i kept falling off, lol. Shit me right up i can tell you, i could move or swim aghainst it! However it was really fun. In thew afternoon more tourtur it seems for the elephants was we rode them into the jungle. They made use share this little plat form on its back, with a old indian couple. They seemed ok about it was there was no room to move.( it was hard work later on when they tried to get out). I had constant pins and needles in my foot and i could move to let it pass, but aprt form that it was awesome. Shore a White rhino, a monkey a deer and in the village at the end 2 camalls lol. Lookiing at the camel looking at me with intrest as i took a pic made me think, i'm never going to eat camell meat.
By 7 0clock i'd had way to much sun, so had to go to bed, well that and the stronge spliff Roman the german made. He also had a girl friend called Anaka.
I forgot to mention. MY FUCKING I-POD DIED! I almost cried when it wouldn't work! Than i came to terms with it and decided just to get a radio and lisen to the world sevice. ( turns out you can't get it out here).
On the 3rd og lully we left in the morning to get the coach to pokera, only 5 hours. Put with no I-pod i felt like weeks, na not really but would have been nice to have tunes. Instead i got into the Good German, remember the book Dagmar gave me. Its set in post war Berlin. Its strange to be one minute in berliun after the war and than the next to be driving round the hills and montins of Nepal. A shock to the system after reading for a few hours.
We got into Pokera where the normal lot of touts were trying to get us to go with them, but we found our gay and went off to the taxi, this is when the fun started. The yeti hotel bloke, the name of the guest house we were staying at, wanted us to pay for the taxi, but we were under the impression that it was included in the price we paid the agent for the the trip back in Kathmando. Was only a pound but its the princable of it all. Got onto the phone to the agent using the mobile of the yeti man. After i pointed out that i was not happy and him saying sorry yuou have to pay for the taxi he hung up on me, but the yeti man said he'd pay half so it was not so bad i guess. On getting to the hotel we arranged a new price, a lot cheaper than the $10 a night we had paid for the first night. rs400 a night, just under 4 pound, thats 2 pound each so thats not to bad really. Not really worth that much really but ha ho.
Later in the day had lunch than went our diff ways for a while, i spent time looking for a radio and bethan went to the internet cafe. Later one i stayed in read my book, and played with my radio while beathan went out again. I couldn't find the world service, but at this time i didn't know it was not here. Bethan later returned with a pizza, i washed it down with 2 beers i had got earlier. In the night i had for the first time tummy problems but i think that was more down to the cheese i eat, but it was goooooooddd! HAHA

Waking up today (sat 4th) I was still a bit monged from being up half the night, but a shower soon woke me up, well a bit. I went top get my cloths washed as a treat but at the time of writing they still have not come back. I think i need to get a air fressiner for my rugsack as it really smells, lol. prob why my cloths smell as bad as they do.

Getting lunch in the moon dance bar we bumbed into a ausie and a canadian. Duncan the ausie and Kamel from Canada. Bethan forever out going started talking to them, i said back till i had drank some coffee. After talking for a while we got invided to there room, roof they said but it happend to just be there room, for drinks that night, awesome.
WE went to see a fantastic water fall called devi's fall. Thats the western name given to get afetr a swiss lady drowned later her husband jumped in and pulled her with him. While there we talked to another Caniadian\, a treker about the leetch's he had got. Great placem but like the rest of NApel the litter ruined it a bit. After this we went to the internet cafe to catch up on this sort of stuff, i'm still runnning a few days behind, haha
I'm missing out loads of stuff i'v put in my diary, cos there is way to much and it cost money to tpye, lol. and sorry for the spelling, i dont have time to do spell cheek, lol

SO skipping everything else, might come back to it later.

Its half 10 and i'm sitting in a lodge just outside the chitwan national park. It took 6 hours to get here by coach, leaving the hotel at 6.40. The rep came over at 6.15 to leave but he told us 6.45 so we had to rush to get ready. I decided to run around in the rain trying to find a ATM, which was lucky as there were none at chitwan, and i had spent all my money paying off my bar bill in the hotel, lol ( i'v just rapped my self in my first mosqeto net, plus i'm writing in touch light). After ! hour into the coach ride we pulled over for a piss stop. Side of the ride no loos. The blokes went on the side of the road, the girls just over the cliff, haha. Myself i didn't go for a piss, i was just sick all down the montin, lol. I got some funny looks. I think it was cos the bus was fucked so i got travel sick. By 2pm we got to the out stop, but not before i tried to buy a bottle of cooke but didnt have change on me so couldn't get it, the women was so confussed to have a white person with no money, lol. We didnt know where we had to get off, had to wait till someone on the coach who spoke some english let us know. When we got off the coach it was crazy, all the touts trying to get us to stay at there resort. There was the bloke who was coming to get us saying hello its me, but it took a while to work out he was the right person, he got a bit pissed and was about to leave, lol. We got to the lodge by jeep and had lunch, spring roll with chips i do beleave. Tell you what the radish's here are fucking huge, same as the cucombers!! masla tea was also had, which i now love!! 2 hours after a much needed shower and reading the awesome book dagmar gave to me(the good German) we where off to see a dance done by the locals. I felt a bit bad watching them cos they didn't seem to want to enjoy it, but th money they raised went to them to help them with school.
We than came back and had a smoke, i also had a beer,( i find beer gets to me really fast here). We talked to the staff for a bit. Showed them photo's from home, than off to bed. Turnns out locals really like to see photo's from where your from. Off to bed in my mosqeto net, end of day 5. UP to morrow at 6 to go on a jungle walk with canoes, than a tour of the village, oh yes i will once again be listening to black books on the i-pod, i'll be able to quote it word for word soon.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

the first of i hope many.

29.6.09, readen at 11.45pm

only just manged to get a paper with a pen together at the same time, only taken a few days, lol

Just got back from a over priced reggie bar. Every thing in this town, kathmando, is over priced, maybe i just had a idea of the price would be, but in any case it is not cheap. Makes me feel like i'm a walking ATM machine, lol.
The views are fantastic, and the town isa crazy, cars, bikes, moter bikes, people, vas you name it it all tries to drive both ways town the same bit of raod with only the horn to help.
tomorrow night is the last night in kathmando, for a couple of weeks, i'm going to sit all day on the roof grden of the guest house and drink beer from the shop to try and save some money haha.

so to atch up to whee i am, very breaf as i cant afford to spent all night in the internet cafe, re-typing this, lol. in fact fuck it. i'v sent out e-mails up to this point to people, if you didn't get one than i dont have your e-mail address and you should sent it to me, haha, i'm on dickshutt@hotmail.com