Thursday, September 24, 2009

25.09.09 change

Change. Bet you thing i mean that I have left Cambodia. som dtou atay. Sorry no. I'm staying a little longer than off to Bangkok. This will be followed by a trip to the Philippians. Going to suck having to leave Kim behind but maybe its for the best, as i might end up staying her, having to make a fake CV and teach English here, lol. Might come back and do that After Nz and back home for a while, but i think i should atleast do a teffel course or something. I have done a bit of one on one english teaching here and there but a school is a bit diff. I'm going to go walk down the river frount today, all loverly, lol. Na just want to see it in the day time really. ANyway i'v got to go and put my bag in my new guest house, which in fact is my old guesthouse, but they let me getting away with more stuff, plus its owned by a policeman. Handy to have soemone you can get you out of a bit of trouble. Herd a funny storry yesturday. The owner walked in still in uniform. One of the lads smoking a spliff on the deck got spook and jumped in the lake and started to swim off! lol. THe policemans sasying come back come back i'm not going to arrest you, lol. Funny as ten. Right best go and see andy and find out if nai(his khmer girl) is preggers or not. She told him she was, but while i was leaving yesturday i asked her, but she just blow me a kiss and said no. Silly girl didn't relize that andy could here her, lol. It was my little way of telling him what she was luike without getting involed. I know her from Sihoukville you see. She has loads of boyfriends senting her back money and she tried to fuck half of jack shack. Long stiorry really, but if you do live native i guess, lol. Catch you lot later, who knows maybve i will have left Cambodia, hmmmmmmm......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last blog got cut short when steve came marching into the cafe saying that he had just seen chris. The old bar man from jack shack in sinville. He's up trying to blag teaching english, better money. So i took him to a cheap guest house i know than we had a beer. It rained luike shit so we wentr for a curry. I tried to get soem sleep later as i was really tired. Kim, my lady freind from over here, was went to pick me up at to take me to some hill place. But she never turned up! Strangley she was well latere in the nightas she went dancing. Howver she did turn up with food later on which was nice of her. Had soem problems with the hotel as in this place if you bring a girl back they have to sign in. However kim does not seem to have a ID card. Bit funny if you ask me, but i have known this girl for a few weeks now and she knows i don't have anything to steal, and what i do have is on me! They said she could stay but be it oin my head as if anything goes missing its my fault. I did say to them that she was not a hooker, she prob is to be honest but she does not charge me, lol.
I seem to have been bitten like a shit last night. My feet are like a dot the dot picture. NOt good, itchy as fuck!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So back in phnom phen. Staying in a small room at the mo, thinking of moving to a bigger one, but its a walk and not as nice, but a bigger bed which is cool. I seem to be at a lose end. I'v paid for my visa but want to move on

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today i saw some temples, again. Which is what you do really. These ones were a bit better as they looked like ruins not just rebuild. Had trouble getting to them as all the traffic going to the temples for the locals to pray. Today is lie christmas to them, so nothing open, lol. i'm off to eat and have a small beer, than maybe phone my driver to see i i can be bothered to do anything tomorrow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

18.09.09 Where to start

Well the question is where does one start. I can't remember the last time i wrote anything, lol. At the mo my in siam reap. Seeing the hole ankor what shit. Having my money drained from me like a water pump. This time its all cos i'm spending it like a dick. Fuck having money in NZ. I'll sort something out. If i can't get a job there i'll just come back to Cambodia and teach English, everyone i meet tells me i should do it, and at $15 a hour its good pay to. Can you see that, me in a suit teaching people how to speak, lol. What else has happened.... Stuff i can't write in a cafe thats for shore, lol. Yet really. I have meet this really nice khmer girl called kim. Sort of seeing her i guess, this could be a problem of course as i have to leave in about 3 weeks as my visa runs out. Unless i get that jib i talked about i can't really spent to much more time here as i will just get bored. Only so much drinking you can do it seems. I'm off to get soem food as i'm really hunger from walking around temples and shit all day. Might get a foot massage or soemthing, lol. Look at me being a flash packer. Goodnight all

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


999. Oh shit its the reverse devils day. LOL. Oh well. Well the waters died down a bit and the coach managed to get throw. Here I am in Phnom Penh. Surprised Chris last night when he walked into the DRunken frog and saw me there. It is a small world after all. Getting my visa extended fort a month so i can fit in all the stuff i should have been doing instead of hanging on the beach for 3 weeks. Ok 4 days in Kampot and a thew in bed ill. Thats going to e a week here followed by a few days to a week in siam reap. Battambang maybe than how knows. I was thinking of some khamera lessons but i'm not really staying long anouth really. So i'll stick with ordering drinks saying thank you and the bill please, lol. Som beer luo= 1 beer please. awkon= thank you. Som kit laoy= the bill please. Atay= no, bart= yes. Dorp= bottle. kut= big. Strangly saying hello is far to hard. Its fucking long, but bye to le-hi.

Monday, September 7, 2009

7.09.09 time running out

I have 4 Days to get to phnom penh before my visa runs out to get it exstended. Tried to leave again today. This time not my fault. The road was flooded to I had to turn back! SHIT SHIT SHIT! I can not stay in this town in my current state. I need visa, a warm shower and a change of view. Also there is fuck all to do in this tow nwith constant rain. Oh yes there is do drinking with your mates in the bars. Oh yes, At the mo I have no friends and can't drink. All in all a good day

Sunday, September 6, 2009

6.9.09 ill

If i could stop being ill now it would be nice. Its not could here so I should not have to wear a jumper and still be cold! Went to the doctor who tried to give me a Iv yesturday. I said NO just give me the pills. After throwing up Lime green shit this morning i'm thinking i should of just had it. Missed my Bus cos of it. Have to Try again tomorrow. Told in 4-7 days i'll be ok. Can't drink drink or have cold water. Poo!