Friday, September 18, 2009

18.09.09 Where to start

Well the question is where does one start. I can't remember the last time i wrote anything, lol. At the mo my in siam reap. Seeing the hole ankor what shit. Having my money drained from me like a water pump. This time its all cos i'm spending it like a dick. Fuck having money in NZ. I'll sort something out. If i can't get a job there i'll just come back to Cambodia and teach English, everyone i meet tells me i should do it, and at $15 a hour its good pay to. Can you see that, me in a suit teaching people how to speak, lol. What else has happened.... Stuff i can't write in a cafe thats for shore, lol. Yet really. I have meet this really nice khmer girl called kim. Sort of seeing her i guess, this could be a problem of course as i have to leave in about 3 weeks as my visa runs out. Unless i get that jib i talked about i can't really spent to much more time here as i will just get bored. Only so much drinking you can do it seems. I'm off to get soem food as i'm really hunger from walking around temples and shit all day. Might get a foot massage or soemthing, lol. Look at me being a flash packer. Goodnight all

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