Sunday, August 30, 2009

30.08.09 spacd out

I"m so spaced out today, to much drinking redbull, means big come down today. Erm yes so, i don't know. Didn't get in till 7-8 this morning than sleeped a little, spent day watching shit tv in bed, erm yes so i'm off to watch the football. See you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

28.08.09 what now

What am i going to do now, i have no idea. Hmmmm. Might go see a cave, or might just go to thwe pub, lol. Should i go to the caves in a moto, cycle or tuk tuk, hmmmm. I just don't know.
Leaving Kampot tomorrow moring to have a sat night in Sihlaukville. Than Off to sian repp i guess, hmmm. Still got to move my flight, but i don't seem to ever get round to it, to much doing nothing, lol. Right got to go. C, ya

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Spend the night in the place, empty as fuck man. But got a Good night sleep, well sort off, ddin't get back till gone 3 in the moring and woke up at around 12, still drunk, mainly cos i hadn't eaten in 24 hours. My coming to Kampot to de-tox has failed %100 so I think i'm going to go back to Sihaakville for the weekend before gouing up to sian-reap. Well might go to PP First as I think a couple of the lads are going. I'v got to ExstaND MY VISA AND REARANGE MY flight tomorrow once i get there. NOt done mush today, drank some coffe and walked around trying to find a barber, did not go well, so i think i'm just going to have to hack it off myself, lol. Going to have a white patch on my face where my beard used to be, lol. Still don't have a working camera, must really get one in PP. Going to Go for a happy hour drink in a mo, than miht go off to the honey for a quick beer, perve on near this girl who works there. I sprt of feel sorry fr the poor girl cos she seems to have this 40 odd girl old man as girl boyfriend. Mkes me a bitsick as she is only 19 and far to nice to have a Dick like that. Tried to tell her that she does not have to be with him just because he is nice to her and maybe has money. Khamaer Girls do not understand these terms....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

26.08.09 Kampot

SO I have Arrived here, this is my second day. Trying to relax and get over this stuff i did in Silhnaukville. Did fuck all yesturday, WAlked around town lost as i didn't have a map, lol. IN the Evening i Had the worlds biggest somosa. NO really, it was like a massive pastie. I nick names it Pas-osa. Was fantasic, shame it was $3.5!!!! I than went to a bar called the HOney pot. I know i know I'm not ment to be drinking, i only had 2 Thank you very much. GOt talking to the Nickolas and hes Khaire wife. i'v agreat to rent a room in there new guest house for a bit. Its $4 a night, but its more like a flat than a room, with 24 hour access, whih is better than t he one i was in last night. Looks like i'm going to be staying here a little longer as well than, lol. Going to ring Quantas latter see about moving my flight, i fucking hope so as it cost 800 Pounds!! IF not i'll miss thialand i guess. BIt of a shitter, i want to stay here, but 800 pounds is a shit load of money to waste. If anyone would like to donate $1200 to me that would be nice, Or even have my ticket, shore we can at least chnage the name on the ticket. Don't know what to do today, just tired and lazy, lol. I think working so hard befroe coming out was studip as know i can't be fucked to do anything, this is after 2 Mounths as well. Lol. Man its going to be a shock when i have to come back.

Monday, August 24, 2009


So i have left Silhankville and gone off to kampot. There does not seem much to do here with out spending alot of money. Think heading off back north would be a good idea. Shame i really want to go back to Silhankville and hang out with my new friends. Prob with hanging out with people who live there is that they don't travell lol. ANyway, i'm going to go find something to eat. Ca ya

Saturday, August 22, 2009

22.08.09 Sinville

still have not left, Going to watch the football this weekend than I may go off for a couple of days or so to De-tox, Kampot may be a good idea, Quite town, river, day trips away to water falls and a national park, could be just what i need. Or even going off to Thiland, but I can aways changed flights, plus i have all the time in the world, why rush around, over here i'm not really poor, can manage just fine on $20 a day, and thats having fun fun fun! Could even stay for free and spent $2-3 a day if need be. There is also the option of getttinga little job while i'm out here, but don't know if i can be bothered . I'll let you know how it goes after tonight. De-pends if i go see my lady freind or not, lol.

Friday, August 21, 2009

21.08.09 Time in cambodia

I can't be fucked to go back and write what i need weeks ago. Mainly cos i can't really remember the order in which things happened. Been Busy enjoying myself and lettnig my air down so to speak.
Been in SIlhankville or a week or so now, apart from being tired and getting fatter i'm really enjoying it. Got Friends to hang out with, a couple of bars to drink in where i can talk to the starf, and if you feel the need for sex, well, its all there for you, paid and unpaid,lol. I'm more of a unpaid fan myself, lol. Its raining at the mo, so i'm not doing much today. I"m still getting over a 2 dayer, lol. but tonight i'll go and do the frieday thing, not stay out late. GOt football tomorrow night. YAY. Funny Watching games at 7-10-12 at night, but at least you can have a beer watching and not feel like a bit day piss head.
I which i could stay here alot longer, Get a long term room and a job in a bar and hang. However I don't have the time with my thiland visa started, maybe a week more and i'll have to go to Siep rip and sea the temples. Could come back i guess but its 10-12 hour's on the buss so i think one ways the best thing. Than i guess Thiland. I know nothing about there, apart from its expensive and theres sand too, lol. But i might go to the North for a bit first. As you all now i'm not the biggest fan of the beach's(he says while at one and not wanting to leave). Anyway thats it for this one. I might fill in the gaps later, when i get around to buying a lap top, lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vietnam, Hanio 2.08.09

went to a musium thing to look at Vietnam people lives. Was good, in the evening i had a shitty head so went to bed

Monday, August 17, 2009

1.08.09 Off to vietnam

Off to Vietnam we go. Taking the plain as we cant be fucked with the 24 hour bus ride with the dodge border crossing. Vietnam air 1 hour.
We arrive and get the shuttle into town. Its fucking it down and when we get to the hostel they didn't have the booking for me, thinking bethan had just booked twice. I go a ro0m anyway.
In the evening i went out with a bloke Called Emanuele from Italy, Bologna i do believe. We sat around drinking 3000 dong beer. about 8-10 p i guess. This mixed in with going to bars that cost $2 a beer. Was a fucking good night, till we couldn't find anywhere open and ended up sitting on the hostel steps drinking cans, lol.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

31-07-09 water fall

Went to the water fall today the big one not the small one we tried to cycle to. Drew and mell didn't come as they were ill so it was Bethan and I. Was great we jumped in a truck with some other people so it was cheaper to get there. Was fun there, great picks, fantasic views! pics on facebook. If they ever upload, fucking camera and facebook hate each other. Flying to Vietnam the next day to sat in bed reading and drinking some whisky at night


Again did fuck all. Had a loas style BBQ than Bethan was ill with a bad belly.

29.07.09 36k bike ride

Drew Mel and myself decided to rent some bikes and cycle to a water fall.
Cutting it all short as time is money. We went to the wrong water fall- 6k di-verson. Than on gwetting to the one we wanted there was no where to park bikes and we had to get a boat the last bit. We didnt have the noney for this, so ended up just going back. 36k round trip up mountins and shit and no water fall. lol at least it was a fun cycle.
In the eveing went out, got food and than went to bed, didn't feel well.


Can't really put in any thing i wrote in my book. Basically sat on the balcony reading and drinking.

27.07.09 Fucking bus

The bus was hell 7-8 hours on a shit road!! The best part of it was listening to '' I want to know what Love is on my i-pod, lol.
Getting a room was fun, people don't seem to understand i'm not fucking Bethan so don't want to share a bed! ANyway we got a nice room with only a fan for 60,000 a night.
In the evening did fuck all, eat than got lost in the night Market lol. The market was like a buf-a at a weeding.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

26.07.09 dead to the world

Dead to the today. Just about manage to get a bus Ticket to luang prabang. Than in the eveing i got a bottle of cheap whisky for 15,000 about a pound and drank it. I felt alot better after that.

25.07.09 Drugged

So we went back Tubing, this time bethan coming with.
Was going great! I had a bad tummy in the morning but that went after some salts and beer. Met more people on the way, there were lots of us. Did more rope swings, got stuck going down the slide, free drinks, having a whale of a time. Than at one of the last bars. MR lao Lao's it happened.
Cos we had been there the day before and had food and beer, and the day after we came back with more people eating again with more beer(they make so much money off us its unreal) Mr Lao Lao remember my name gave me a free bucket to share with my friend. Thinking it was normal, and it tasting normal down it went, along the group. A while later i started t come up. I know it had to be Mushroom and weed. I don't do well on mushrooms and i know what weed feels like.
The others at this time didn't seem to be on anything, so i didn't say i was gone. I went off to the loo, watching it move around for a while and came back. At this point the group started saying to each other: are you ok? whats this? was there anything in there? I didn't say anything i didn't want to scare them, aftyer a while they worked most of it out.
In my eyed it was time to leave, i was fucked and didn't want to stay, but the only way back, in our eyes anyway was the river. So i jumped in and sailed off, watching my friends get smaller and smaller in the distance. Bethan jumped in after me, but the othere's took there time, lol
Floating down the river tripping on mushrooms in the middle of lao was not to bad really, but it was raining and cold.
It was like a cheesy TV disaster movie, we where the people have to pull togehter to get through it. At one point drew was drifting away and we had only finger tips joind and someone holding my legs. I'm not shore how we got back or what happend cos something else kicked in, but i rememeber going tobed!

Pissed up short poem

I rode a tube in Viang today
I played, I played, I played
I jumped off a Rope swing today
I swede, I swede, i Swede.

Fucking shit and not finished, lol says it all really


TOday we did this thing called Tubing, its quite possibley the best fun your''ll ever had. Makes sex feel like a quick wank!lol What it envilves is going down the river in a rubber tube stopping at bars along the way to drink beer and go on robe swings and water slides! It may not not sound much like fun but you have to remember that there is no health and safty.
In the eving i stayed in, already drunk from the tubing and couldn't be bothered to sit in a bar on my own again.
I wrote a shit load in my Diary that night, but as always i can't put the good stuff on line, you'll have to E-mail me and ask lol.


Picked up Visa's for Thailand. Than off to the Buss station to get a buss to Vang Vieing. Turns out they put the Price up from 5000kip to 30,000, shock! As there where a lot of us we got a private car with Aircon. It worked out about the same amount.
On arriving we spent time walking round diff guest house's till one was found that had 3 beds and was cheap. All Good.
Drew and I played a bit of cheese, think i was decleard winner after we left half way through and i had his queen.
In the eveinign i seemed a bit drunk lol, remember watching friends in a bar, lol


Went of to get visa's foe Thiland. Than walked about. Went into a bar witch had awesome loo's that looked like they were cut out of Tree trunks, cos they were lol.
At night we went BOwling!!Yep the people of Loas are really big on it, plus its on of the only place's you can drink late at night! BOwling dudem Loas. WHo would have thorght it


Bla bla bla, we had really good french steak than went off to drink more beer and play card in the room ,plus listern to music.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I guess i should prob fill in a bit as i'm not at to much at the mo. Hmmm, where do i start, i'v not got my book on me so i'll have to try and remember.
SO getting off the night train at the border we had to change trains and get stamped out of Thailand. Hop on a little train going over the freindship bridge to stop and get out Loas Visa's. This was all good, cost us erm i dont know something most likley $30. Than off into town to find somewhere to stay. The capital Vietinan or something like that. We shared a truck taxi stile thing with some dutch family plus this girl Abbey who made friends with us. Was so fucking funny as we got to a guest house we were going to get a price from. Bethan ran into a old friend from uni who she has not seen in 10 years. Drew and hes girlfriend Mel. ( we hung out with them for the rest of loas but thats a diff story). More to follow in Na-trang........ Or you could phone me or text me or sent me a e-mail. all sorts of ways to find out,lol But remember we are 6-7 hours ahead here!