Friday, August 21, 2009

21.08.09 Time in cambodia

I can't be fucked to go back and write what i need weeks ago. Mainly cos i can't really remember the order in which things happened. Been Busy enjoying myself and lettnig my air down so to speak.
Been in SIlhankville or a week or so now, apart from being tired and getting fatter i'm really enjoying it. Got Friends to hang out with, a couple of bars to drink in where i can talk to the starf, and if you feel the need for sex, well, its all there for you, paid and unpaid,lol. I'm more of a unpaid fan myself, lol. Its raining at the mo, so i'm not doing much today. I"m still getting over a 2 dayer, lol. but tonight i'll go and do the frieday thing, not stay out late. GOt football tomorrow night. YAY. Funny Watching games at 7-10-12 at night, but at least you can have a beer watching and not feel like a bit day piss head.
I which i could stay here alot longer, Get a long term room and a job in a bar and hang. However I don't have the time with my thiland visa started, maybe a week more and i'll have to go to Siep rip and sea the temples. Could come back i guess but its 10-12 hour's on the buss so i think one ways the best thing. Than i guess Thiland. I know nothing about there, apart from its expensive and theres sand too, lol. But i might go to the North for a bit first. As you all now i'm not the biggest fan of the beach's(he says while at one and not wanting to leave). Anyway thats it for this one. I might fill in the gaps later, when i get around to buying a lap top, lol

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