Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I guess i should prob fill in a bit as i'm not at to much at the mo. Hmmm, where do i start, i'v not got my book on me so i'll have to try and remember.
SO getting off the night train at the border we had to change trains and get stamped out of Thailand. Hop on a little train going over the freindship bridge to stop and get out Loas Visa's. This was all good, cost us erm i dont know something most likley $30. Than off into town to find somewhere to stay. The capital Vietinan or something like that. We shared a truck taxi stile thing with some dutch family plus this girl Abbey who made friends with us. Was so fucking funny as we got to a guest house we were going to get a price from. Bethan ran into a old friend from uni who she has not seen in 10 years. Drew and hes girlfriend Mel. ( we hung out with them for the rest of loas but thats a diff story). More to follow in Na-trang........ Or you could phone me or text me or sent me a e-mail. all sorts of ways to find out,lol But remember we are 6-7 hours ahead here!


  1. I've been on tour the last couple of weeks so I've been reading your blog in all sorts of different internet cafes and wifi spots. Last week I was at a school in Truro and their wifi assumed dicktraveller must be porn and wouldn't let me on.

    I'm glad to hear you're having a good time.

  2. Lol, how did we manage to leave u in Laos?!!! ;)