Thursday, August 27, 2009


Spend the night in the place, empty as fuck man. But got a Good night sleep, well sort off, ddin't get back till gone 3 in the moring and woke up at around 12, still drunk, mainly cos i hadn't eaten in 24 hours. My coming to Kampot to de-tox has failed %100 so I think i'm going to go back to Sihaakville for the weekend before gouing up to sian-reap. Well might go to PP First as I think a couple of the lads are going. I'v got to ExstaND MY VISA AND REARANGE MY flight tomorrow once i get there. NOt done mush today, drank some coffe and walked around trying to find a barber, did not go well, so i think i'm just going to have to hack it off myself, lol. Going to have a white patch on my face where my beard used to be, lol. Still don't have a working camera, must really get one in PP. Going to Go for a happy hour drink in a mo, than miht go off to the honey for a quick beer, perve on near this girl who works there. I sprt of feel sorry fr the poor girl cos she seems to have this 40 odd girl old man as girl boyfriend. Mkes me a bitsick as she is only 19 and far to nice to have a Dick like that. Tried to tell her that she does not have to be with him just because he is nice to her and maybe has money. Khamaer Girls do not understand these terms....

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