Saturday, August 22, 2009

22.08.09 Sinville

still have not left, Going to watch the football this weekend than I may go off for a couple of days or so to De-tox, Kampot may be a good idea, Quite town, river, day trips away to water falls and a national park, could be just what i need. Or even going off to Thiland, but I can aways changed flights, plus i have all the time in the world, why rush around, over here i'm not really poor, can manage just fine on $20 a day, and thats having fun fun fun! Could even stay for free and spent $2-3 a day if need be. There is also the option of getttinga little job while i'm out here, but don't know if i can be bothered . I'll let you know how it goes after tonight. De-pends if i go see my lady freind or not, lol.

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