Saturday, August 15, 2009

25.07.09 Drugged

So we went back Tubing, this time bethan coming with.
Was going great! I had a bad tummy in the morning but that went after some salts and beer. Met more people on the way, there were lots of us. Did more rope swings, got stuck going down the slide, free drinks, having a whale of a time. Than at one of the last bars. MR lao Lao's it happened.
Cos we had been there the day before and had food and beer, and the day after we came back with more people eating again with more beer(they make so much money off us its unreal) Mr Lao Lao remember my name gave me a free bucket to share with my friend. Thinking it was normal, and it tasting normal down it went, along the group. A while later i started t come up. I know it had to be Mushroom and weed. I don't do well on mushrooms and i know what weed feels like.
The others at this time didn't seem to be on anything, so i didn't say i was gone. I went off to the loo, watching it move around for a while and came back. At this point the group started saying to each other: are you ok? whats this? was there anything in there? I didn't say anything i didn't want to scare them, aftyer a while they worked most of it out.
In my eyed it was time to leave, i was fucked and didn't want to stay, but the only way back, in our eyes anyway was the river. So i jumped in and sailed off, watching my friends get smaller and smaller in the distance. Bethan jumped in after me, but the othere's took there time, lol
Floating down the river tripping on mushrooms in the middle of lao was not to bad really, but it was raining and cold.
It was like a cheesy TV disaster movie, we where the people have to pull togehter to get through it. At one point drew was drifting away and we had only finger tips joind and someone holding my legs. I'm not shore how we got back or what happend cos something else kicked in, but i rememeber going tobed!

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