Tuesday, August 25, 2009

26.08.09 Kampot

SO I have Arrived here, this is my second day. Trying to relax and get over this stuff i did in Silhnaukville. Did fuck all yesturday, WAlked around town lost as i didn't have a map, lol. IN the Evening i Had the worlds biggest somosa. NO really, it was like a massive pastie. I nick names it Pas-osa. Was fantasic, shame it was $3.5!!!! I than went to a bar called the HOney pot. I know i know I'm not ment to be drinking, i only had 2 Thank you very much. GOt talking to the Nickolas and hes Khaire wife. i'v agreat to rent a room in there new guest house for a bit. Its $4 a night, but its more like a flat than a room, with 24 hour access, whih is better than t he one i was in last night. Looks like i'm going to be staying here a little longer as well than, lol. Going to ring Quantas latter see about moving my flight, i fucking hope so as it cost 800 Pounds!! IF not i'll miss thialand i guess. BIt of a shitter, i want to stay here, but 800 pounds is a shit load of money to waste. If anyone would like to donate $1200 to me that would be nice, Or even have my ticket, shore we can at least chnage the name on the ticket. Don't know what to do today, just tired and lazy, lol. I think working so hard befroe coming out was studip as know i can't be fucked to do anything, this is after 2 Mounths as well. Lol. Man its going to be a shock when i have to come back.

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