Thursday, October 22, 2009

22.10.09. Woken up in bush

Yesturday moring i was already for a day of what the hell am i going to do. Sat down eat breakfast and started to talk to the girl on the other table. 20 1 hour later i'm crashing a moto into a wall as i'v decided to go to Pai with her and her frineds!! After this crash i decide to get a lift with a bloke called Alex there. 5 hours on the back of a bike later we are there. Go straight out to eat and start drinking, as this was just to be a quick 1 night than drive home thing. The next thing i remember after a whiusky buckett is being woking up by 2 Thai women, as i was asleep in a bush. I than had to phone one of the girls in our group to come and pick me up as i was so gone!!!
Today i'v been riding my own little moto around! easy as!!! Why was i so scared before, shame i have to get the bus home tomoz, as everyone has left, but i stayed one more night.

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