Tuesday, December 29, 2009

26.12.09 Picton

26.12.9Boxing day- Picton

So I must have past out last night, as I awoke fully dressed in my bunk. Drank way to much wine and I wasted $20 buying x-mas lunch, of which I left most of it to try and chat up the chef's girl friend. LOL. Not the most clever thing to do it the world, but she was hot and Asian, from Malaysia I think. I don't remember to much about it really, but what I do remember is using the little spinning thing I got in my Christmas cracker as a in.
Anyhow the ferry journey was hell as all I wanted to do was sleep but I couldn't as the seat I had found was not the comfy, but I didn't want to change in case I lost it. Landed in Picton and the is lovely, a nice small town quiet with fuck all going on. A lot nice than Wellington, not that I really explored Wellington at death, mainly as it was really fucking windy, and cos of the lack of sleep I had no motivation. The villa is very nice, and seems homely. Shame that the WI-fi is 8 dollars an hour, thing I'm going tohave to wounder around and try and get some cheaper if not free WWIfi somewhere, I do not think iI'llfind free but maybe zambo. Even globel gossip is cheaper than here, at least for $15 you can have 24 hours none stop, not just 2 hours, with limited megabytes of download. Oh well I guess we will see what goes down the next few days.
The ATM told me I only have $600 dollars left, so a job in Picton or Blenheim, is really needed, lol. Will have to walk around 2moz, but I don't think i'll find anything before the new year. I'm going to stop writing as I'm really tired, going to try and find the TV room and loath.

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