Sunday, December 20, 2009

21.12.09 Wellinton so far


At the moment I'm a couple of days into a week long stay in wellington. Not liking it to much at the mo, again this place feels like somewhere that would be nice to share not be on your own in. Have not really gone out and done much yet. Looked a bit for work, but turns out that its so at the mo.
Spent the last 2 days drinking very cheap wine, watching TV, going on the internet and reading. Exiting life. Not made any friends in this hostel, its far to big and it seems to be a place people come to just get the ferry out of here. Plan to stay in one place to make some friends to spent X-mas with has failed, lol. Oh well.
The past:
Before coming down to wellington we went on a little 20k mountain walk around a active volcano. Most of you prob know it as mount doom out of the lord of the rings. Was awesome.
Before this I hung out in a house hostel in rotogravure. Here me 2 Germans and a French girl walked around the free geothermic parks and paid to go and see some geysers, awesome, water firing into the air, nice. Also had some culture stuff about the Mari's lol.
Before this had a awesome day caving, getting wet, claiming, abseiling, singing on ropes, all under ground with glow worms, nice.
Surfing was done before this. Turns out I'm shit at it, and do not look good in a wet suit,lol
In between this things got drunk with some mari teachers. Ment to be having culture fun that night, but the show was fucking awful, so getting drunk with the naigbours was far better. Thats real culture!

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