Friday, July 10, 2009

9.7.09 idrankwhisky

Tried to wake up early with the alarm going off, but i didn't want to get up after a couple of beers and a smoke the night before. In the end i just got up, put on my cloths and went out. Aranging to meet up with Bethan at the moon dance at 4, as she wanted to stay in bed. Oh yeah, this was after trying to duck tape some wire together to get the tv working. As the plug on the tv is too small for the plug socket, to get it to work normaly i have to us the adapter i got in the uk, lol, but i was using that for my i-pod, in the end i just went fuck it and unplucked my i-pod(so happy thats working again).
Up till 5 i spent the day writing out the posts cards i got to sent home and reading. I also got a new shirt to replace the white one i had, which is now brown. We popped down to look at the lake as it was to early to go to the old blues bard,where iwanted to try out. Man was a hell of a view! Than we went off toeat, ifancied getting some momo. While eating(and i was drinking, shock) I thought it wouls be cool to open own a bar in pokera, so we wounderd how much it would cost.The bloke who owned the resterant we were in siad he paid 2000 pounds a month! Don't think i'll be opening a bar any time soon.
While Bethan stayed in the internet cafe we were in i went over to the old blues bar to cheek it out. I was empty! I just had a over priced beer and played some pool with one of the locals. Turns out the bar was the first to open in Pokera and the pool table was 25 years old, thats only 2 years younger than me! I than had to go off and tell Bethan that iwas off to the busy bee instead as she was staying in the internet cafe longer. I sat at the bar, drinking a beer watching a young Nepalise band doing covers of rock songs, like queen and acdc and such. Untill Bethan turned up, what time i dont know. We than went to go and shit at the back of the bar,outside. Bethan got talking to the blokes in frount, by this time i was a bit drunk onlymakes a few beers out here to get me gone, i'd not even started to drink the whisky yet, which one of the lads gave me. HYe just poored a load in my empty beer glass! so i mixed it with me rum, haha, rum with JD and coke, nice. Cant really rememberd what we talked about, but i do remember that one of them had some top 10 alams in napel, so i gues wwe were sitting with a rock star, lol. Oh yes i remember something behtan got a pizza, lol. Drinkings bad ok. Erm i guess we walked back at somepoint, cos i remember being in the room, drinking loads of water.

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