Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th pokera and chitwan


So we are now in pokera, i no i missed loads out again, but give me a minute, I cant do the writing thing every day. The jungle walk went great. The canoe ride was a bit off as the canoe rocked from side to side to much, with a weight not evenly distruputed.
On the way back from the walk we played with the elephants while they bathed, as you do, looked a bit put on, and the nellys seemed to be working not playing, but it was fun for us. Did, do feel sorry for the elephants vow, poor basterds. We were all fully dressed when we went in the riveras we didnt know we were going to be doing it at that time. I almost got sweeped away by the current as i kept falling off, lol. Shit me right up i can tell you, i could move or swim aghainst it! However it was really fun. In thew afternoon more tourtur it seems for the elephants was we rode them into the jungle. They made use share this little plat form on its back, with a old indian couple. They seemed ok about it was there was no room to move.( it was hard work later on when they tried to get out). I had constant pins and needles in my foot and i could move to let it pass, but aprt form that it was awesome. Shore a White rhino, a monkey a deer and in the village at the end 2 camalls lol. Lookiing at the camel looking at me with intrest as i took a pic made me think, i'm never going to eat camell meat.
By 7 0clock i'd had way to much sun, so had to go to bed, well that and the stronge spliff Roman the german made. He also had a girl friend called Anaka.
I forgot to mention. MY FUCKING I-POD DIED! I almost cried when it wouldn't work! Than i came to terms with it and decided just to get a radio and lisen to the world sevice. ( turns out you can't get it out here).
On the 3rd og lully we left in the morning to get the coach to pokera, only 5 hours. Put with no I-pod i felt like weeks, na not really but would have been nice to have tunes. Instead i got into the Good German, remember the book Dagmar gave me. Its set in post war Berlin. Its strange to be one minute in berliun after the war and than the next to be driving round the hills and montins of Nepal. A shock to the system after reading for a few hours.
We got into Pokera where the normal lot of touts were trying to get us to go with them, but we found our gay and went off to the taxi, this is when the fun started. The yeti hotel bloke, the name of the guest house we were staying at, wanted us to pay for the taxi, but we were under the impression that it was included in the price we paid the agent for the the trip back in Kathmando. Was only a pound but its the princable of it all. Got onto the phone to the agent using the mobile of the yeti man. After i pointed out that i was not happy and him saying sorry yuou have to pay for the taxi he hung up on me, but the yeti man said he'd pay half so it was not so bad i guess. On getting to the hotel we arranged a new price, a lot cheaper than the $10 a night we had paid for the first night. rs400 a night, just under 4 pound, thats 2 pound each so thats not to bad really. Not really worth that much really but ha ho.
Later in the day had lunch than went our diff ways for a while, i spent time looking for a radio and bethan went to the internet cafe. Later one i stayed in read my book, and played with my radio while beathan went out again. I couldn't find the world service, but at this time i didn't know it was not here. Bethan later returned with a pizza, i washed it down with 2 beers i had got earlier. In the night i had for the first time tummy problems but i think that was more down to the cheese i eat, but it was goooooooddd! HAHA

Waking up today (sat 4th) I was still a bit monged from being up half the night, but a shower soon woke me up, well a bit. I went top get my cloths washed as a treat but at the time of writing they still have not come back. I think i need to get a air fressiner for my rugsack as it really smells, lol. prob why my cloths smell as bad as they do.

Getting lunch in the moon dance bar we bumbed into a ausie and a canadian. Duncan the ausie and Kamel from Canada. Bethan forever out going started talking to them, i said back till i had drank some coffee. After talking for a while we got invided to there room, roof they said but it happend to just be there room, for drinks that night, awesome.
WE went to see a fantastic water fall called devi's fall. Thats the western name given to get afetr a swiss lady drowned later her husband jumped in and pulled her with him. While there we talked to another Caniadian\, a treker about the leetch's he had got. Great placem but like the rest of NApel the litter ruined it a bit. After this we went to the internet cafe to catch up on this sort of stuff, i'm still runnning a few days behind, haha
I'm missing out loads of stuff i'v put in my diary, cos there is way to much and it cost money to tpye, lol. and sorry for the spelling, i dont have time to do spell cheek, lol

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