Thursday, July 16, 2009

11.07.09 getting pissed with a American

Today's 1 thing to do was find out how much a ticket cost to limbini. After going to 5 or so it worked out the first one was the cheapist Rs 700 for 2, about 5 pounds, but its only a mornal bus. Which would be intresting with our big bags. Even vow one said it was a coach, hmmmmm. Just seen 3 18 year old british girls dripping wet from the rain. I think one of the best views i'v seen for a while, hahaha ( know they where 18 cos i overherd them talking to this drunk American women). The secound best view i'v seen were these drunk Napelise girls dancing with each other in the blues bar last night! hahaha, i'm still dirty it seems, but at least i'm only looking now, lol.

Its 1.15 time for another moondance coffee one thinks. It costs a little more, but it tastes so much better than other place's round here.

I met up with a drunk American girl called Arbury(i think thats how you spell it, but hay what do i know), but she said i could call her Lee. She just came up to me and just asked if i was on my own. I said i was at the minute, having a seat. We talked for a bit, so got some food than we went to a bar. This was the drunk American who was talking to the 18 yr old girls. She was so drunk cos she had been drinking wine since 9am, haha, got to love that. you can see how drunk she is from the pic. We went off to the Amsterdam bar and had a couple of drinks, i had 2 large bottles of beer, you get beer in 660 mil bottles. SHe had a couple of whisky cocktail things. We watched the rain really coming down out side. Than at 5.30 went to go meet up with Bethan to go carry on with the drinking. Turns out i was a hour late, got the time wrong, dooh!
We stopped off at Boomerang's to have dinner with the 3 18 year olds and a Ausie bloke who was with them, like i said lee was talking to them, she was on the coach down with them from Kathmandu. I named the 3 girls: blond, cute and annoying, lol. In the end the ladder was not. They came from Fulman and one off there dads was a travel agent so had set the hole thing up for them. The busy bee was to follow, where i was drinking some blue cocktail among other things. As lee had been drinking since 9am she went back to her guest house, but we kept going. Just remembered i tired to chat up the Nepalese bar girl, lol Just the line so how long have you worked here and everything. It went so well that another bar tender came in and saved her by playing pool with me. Strange fact, he was off to Portsmouth for a holiday, lol.

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