Thursday, July 9, 2009


Bethan left at 10.15 to go to the children's home to teach computing. Told me to meet her later at 1 there so we could talk to the volunteer coordinator. I said ok. Soon after i got up and went for a fry up! haha I'm going to come back fatter! Only a pound! All the way down the road i kept getting lads trying to sell me drugs, whish i still smoke shit loads cos than i really would be having the time of my life! lol. One of them kept on me the hole walk, so i jumped into the moondance, where Duncan was and talked to him for as while. I told him i was going back to the children's home and how i was a really bad person cos it was not my cup of tea. COs it fucking knackering running around with them in the sun, and cos I cant teach them stuff thats all i could do. He seemed to get it, don't think anyone else does. I think its really easy fro people who have been in education to think that its easy to do. I find it really hard to do. Does not help that ii'm a bad person not wanting to hand out with kids in a childrens home all day. Never know till you try, do i not like that phrase, infact it really..... I sau bollocks all i can teach is drinking a load of beers and falling over drunk while calling the reff a wanker! I'm not a siant or a out going person. If that makes me a bad perosn than so be it! I'm not a saint, i'm a much better sinnner!
Despite this i left to go meet and talk about what ever i had to do, or just to tell tham iwas not going to home back, as it was not for me. Lime i said a bad perosn.
I got lost!!! I don't know how but i did! Maybe it was my subconscious not letting me go i don't know. But i ended up back at the moondance soacked in sweet and abouyt to pass out, it was so hot. I had somehow ended up down the other side of town! However i did find some duck tape!!! Why i did that? you will find out at a later date, hahaha. I Told Duncan who was still there i got lost, he just laughed. HE told me he once got lost walking down a single path in the jungle once. I styed there after Duncan left till about 4.30 than went back to the hotel to make shore Bethan could get back in. Man is she going to be pissed at me! lol
Sub note. Moonsoon my arse in Pokera. No fucking rain in the day! Kathmando had 79.4 mill we got 4.9, not much!
NOt much happened the rest of the day. I went over Duncans and Kamels. HAd some jager, smoked a little and talked about pets back home, lol. As you do. I left at 11pm, but the owner locked me in, had to wake him up to let me out, funny as 10. THink something was going down last night, all the police where out with sticks so i had back as fast as i could!

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