Sunday, July 26, 2009


The coach trip back from Phokera to Kathmandu took 8/9 hours. THe bus kepted braking down, gear problems! I'm suprissed it made it back! Kathmandu was as smelly and dirty as ever, so didn't want to be back here. Met a Isrialy called David on the bus over so went to stya at hes cheap hostel, didn't have a fan but was 80p each to stay a night. We met up with the fulman girls in the street and aranged to meet up with them later for a drink.
Later Bethan didn't feel to well cos of a migrian so stayed in, i went off to meet the girls. However i was 1-2 hours late as i got caught talking to the hotel owner and hes mate drinking roxy, lol. THe basterd said i looked 35, lol.
Stayed in the reggie bar talking to the girls for a while and went back to the hotel.
Early in the moring when the barking begain for 3 hours, this was followed by the bell ringing, followed by more barking. At 7-8 bethan could take no more and went off to the khansgta, the place we satyed last time, i followed a hour later, once it came to me what just happend.
I lay in the new guest house under the fan loving it, was so tired and hot.
That night we met up again with the Fulman girls, and took out a young lad who works in the hotel Rahm, i thing how you spell it. Was funny as, we got shots and drank beer than went off to another bar to do a hubby bubby-sisha, or a huker. One of the girls was trying to find from a local who she had snogged the night before, oh dear, girls will be girls.

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