Monday, July 6, 2009

5.7.09 3pm at the time of writing

Went on a pony trek. A story to be shore. These pony's did not look strong enough to carrying us on them, but we went ahead anyway. I thought its not my place to say, and it was my first time on one. By the time we got through town( he didn't tell me how to ride the ram thing i just guessed), i was a bit shore in the nuts! BUt i carried on anyway, as it was a mountin and i had paid for it. We got 2 3rds of the way up i said fuck this i'm getting off and walking. SO the guid rode the horse and i walked, lol
to say i was fucked when I got to the top was an understatement! Bethan says that my face was all white, lol. We stoped for a coke and Bethan talked to the locals, i was to fucked to talk, so i just drank a coke. Walking up to the pieace progoda was next, with the normal photo things going on.
The walk down was a bit better, but the guide didn't seem to want to accept that my balls where hurting, didn't tell him that it was also cos the horse did not look well. When we were coming down from the pieace progoda some women from an animal charity had words with the guide about the state of the pony's, he didn't really want to know. Puttting it all sort i had to do the length of a pony trek walking trying to keep up with the pony's, lol. THis was wet, muddy hilly hot, mid day, all a bit silly, plus i had to pay for it, lol.
Later on in the evening we went back round duncans and kamels, where we watched black books, funny as, we were on the roof with the i-pod on a chair with the speakers, lol, smallest cinema ever!!

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