Sunday, July 26, 2009

17.07.09 the coffee is mocking me

Today was the day that we were leaving Nepal. Off to India for 9hours before going off to Bangkok.
I sat in the restaurant of the guest house stearing at my cup of coffee, it was mocking me! I just could not drink it. Rahm seemed fine after he's night out, good for him. On leaving the hotel we gave him a bottle of beer, we had to hide it from hes boss as he didn't like the young Hindu lads drinking. Off to the airport we go. 4-5 security cheeks later, one on the tarmac next to the plain we were off! I could see all the mountains over the clouds and it was awesome.
On landing it was a pain. Immigration couldn't seem to understand that i was only stopping for 9 hours and than i was off and that i didn't want to get back into hes country, lol.
The 9 hours seemed to go quite fast, I finished my book and started the new one. Bethan made friends with a Indian bloke who was off to Hong gong to ask he's girl friend to marry him and alope. This was because her parents didn't like him. We left at 1.30 am

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