Saturday, July 25, 2009

13.7.09- Roxy

Nothing really happened this day apart from buying a bus ticket for Kathmandu. Apart from me buying some Roxy! This is Nepal hooch. Not aloud to buy it for shit. I went into a shop and tried my luck asking for it. She looked at me a bit funny saying they can't sell it. I said ok, but can you get it. She made a phone call to get her husband to sell me some as he drinks it. lol. SO in a hours time he turns up with this coke bottle fall of this clear stuff. He let me taste a bit and it was the stuff i'd had before, so i got it for about rb300. Not bad really for a Westerner. I took it to Duncan's as it was the last night he was going to be about. I offered about but only Duncan had a small sip.

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