Thursday, July 9, 2009


Still in pokera, got up late, so off to lunch we went . Than off to the childrens home. We didn't go the same way as the day before so ended up taking a we walk around the house's, no really house's,lol. The sun had got to me again, felt sick and my head was spinning. Think the last 2 days being out in the sun, not drinking much had done me. I really don't do well in this heat. So off i went to liy under the fan in the guest house for the day. I ended up watching TV! Finance of Asia and some natiopnal geograthic. I alkso read some more of my book. Godd job i read so slow, or i'd always be buying new books! haha. At about 9.30 Bethan came back and we talked just down the street to a cafe and had dinner. Here we bumped into a bloke from Iraq who was in the same guest house we stayed at at Kathamdo. We talked to him for a while than went to bed. I still was not %100 but still managed to watch some south park, even here they have that.

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