Thursday, July 9, 2009

6.7.09 Volenteer dick

So i'll keep it breef again, as it happened 2 days before i write it down, lol. Thats me, a bit derr.
Went off to the childrens home. Bethan wanting to do stuff, i just came along for the walk. Spme how i ended up playing with the kids for 4-5 hours. No not in a garry glitter way- avi. Taching them the how to do the seperating thumb think. Plus some table tennis, playing on the slide, monkey bars and in the dirt, boys will be boys. They also shows me round there rooms, again not gary glitter, and well the hole place. I was fucking tired by the end, how much energy do kids have, all my God! I was good i guess, but it was my first time dealing with children on mass. Them pulling me eacch way and that, saaying "uncle uncle. trying to get my attainsoin, all at once. Made me feel good inside, but i don't know, my and kids?
After leaving did some internet than off to bed, been in the sun most of the day and i was tired out!!

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