Tuesday, July 28, 2009

20.7.09 Sleeper to Laos

I didn't want to get up, and i didn't put my net up properly so i got a big bite on my bum! I had a fight with a cock roach the night before when i got in. I was having a piss so all i could really do was keep pissing on it. HAHA. Breakfast didn't go down well ether. Bethan was ill so she had to get some anti-biotics. Than off we went to get Vietnam visa's. Letter turned out we had been done over again, but that seems the norm out here. One the plus side, my faith in poeple was restored again(be it only for a few days or so). I was sat on the steps of a store with all the bags waiting for Beth to come back from her turn in the embassy. 2 women came out of the store and i thought i'd have to move on. No no no, instead they invited me in cos they had air con, let me drink water and when bethan returned gave us coffee! The nicest people ever! Shame we can't bread more more from there DNA. we than paid whats turns out way to much for a visa and only got 15 days, meaning we have to exstend it when we get in.( sorry for the spelling but the computers in Laos are so shit that it will not work, can't even get facebook).
Off to the train station we went where a nice long wait till the train came. I sucked it up and paid 20 pound for a lonley planet- which turns out to be shit- and beth went on the internet.
On the sleeper train i settled down with a bottle of chang. THe girl on the top bung was really hot, but she spoke no english-booo!!
Looking out the window it looked a bit like Oxfordshire. Was very dark with some street lights in the distance. Plus a big tower with a red light on, yep it was like Didcot power station, lol.
Awesome, chilling in the bunk watching Thialand go by, listening to Queen Adreena on the i-pod. I'm preity like drugs, than comes on Green day, time of your life, drinking chang beer on a sleeper going to loas from Thailand, could be worse.
No matter how home sick or how much i miss my friends and family. When i look back as a old man playing my old Green day CD's, my kids or grand kids calling me sad for liking old studid music, that song will come on and it will bring it all back. I bet a tier comes to my eye just like it has now. It's something unpredictable but in the end is right, i hope you've had the time of your life. I ask you friend. Go to your cd's for mp3 collection, find Green day time of your life, put it on, crack open a beer and think of a great memory that we shared together!

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