Saturday, July 25, 2009

12.7.09 lake

I'll have to keep it short as i have not updated this for a week and there is way to much to put in.

I woke up early and felt fine after the day and night of drinking, but as the morning went on i got more and more sick and hangover. THe coffee was not going down well at all sat in the Moondance waiting for lee to come. We set off in the little rowing boat off into the lake, stopping for beath to pee in a bush. She wAS SO SCARED A BUG OR ANT WAS GOING TO BITE HER, LOL. iT RAINED ALOT AND THE PONCHO IHAD GOT WAS SHIT AS THERE WERE buttons on it, meaning kaps, i got wet. After 4 hours on the lake we got out, my bum was killing me sat on the boat seat.
In the evening i went off to meet up with the Aussie bloke and the Fulman girls. Couldn't find them out so i went down to the old jazz bar. No one was in here ether, but seen as it was so so wet out and i decided to where shoes and socks, i stayed for a few. I talked to the bar man i tALKED TO THE OTHER DAY. He's mate kept bugging me to play music with him, i tolded him i couldn't play. He didn't beleave me, saying i looked like a rock star so i have to be able to play. In the end i played to show him how bad i am, he was not impressed. I got back about 1-2 in the moring just a little pissed of cheap Nepal rum.

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