Thursday, July 16, 2009

10.7.09 Getting good at fuck all

I'm really getting good at this doing fuck all thing! Don't think i'v ever read as much as i have this week. I finished off my book. I wrote a little message in it for the next person who reads it to send me a e-mail and let me know where it ends up. So up till 5 yesterday i sat around reading, posted my postcards and got a new book. I'v got this feeling that my postcards are not going to get get back, not shore if it was even a postbox, or the right stamps,lol The book i got was a cheap rs 150 thing, about 1 pound twenty i guess. I'm not shore whats it was about, but its by the bloke who wrote the books get shorty and Jacky brown were based on, so it might be good. couldn't handle anymore than that cos as always i was a bit hungover. After meeting up with Bethan we went to the old blues bar again. Think we were meeting up with some of bethans Volunteer friends, Bert, who i met at the childrens home. We left at 10 to go back to the room. Planning on going out sat night, see if Duncan and ka-mail fancy it. I'm not shore if they will. If for nothing else there guest house locks the gate at night.

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