Saturday, July 4, 2009

the first of i hope many.

29.6.09, readen at 11.45pm

only just manged to get a paper with a pen together at the same time, only taken a few days, lol

Just got back from a over priced reggie bar. Every thing in this town, kathmando, is over priced, maybe i just had a idea of the price would be, but in any case it is not cheap. Makes me feel like i'm a walking ATM machine, lol.
The views are fantastic, and the town isa crazy, cars, bikes, moter bikes, people, vas you name it it all tries to drive both ways town the same bit of raod with only the horn to help.
tomorrow night is the last night in kathmando, for a couple of weeks, i'm going to sit all day on the roof grden of the guest house and drink beer from the shop to try and save some money haha.

so to atch up to whee i am, very breaf as i cant afford to spent all night in the internet cafe, re-typing this, lol. in fact fuck it. i'v sent out e-mails up to this point to people, if you didn't get one than i dont have your e-mail address and you should sent it to me, haha, i'm on

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