Sunday, July 5, 2009


SO skipping everything else, might come back to it later.

Its half 10 and i'm sitting in a lodge just outside the chitwan national park. It took 6 hours to get here by coach, leaving the hotel at 6.40. The rep came over at 6.15 to leave but he told us 6.45 so we had to rush to get ready. I decided to run around in the rain trying to find a ATM, which was lucky as there were none at chitwan, and i had spent all my money paying off my bar bill in the hotel, lol ( i'v just rapped my self in my first mosqeto net, plus i'm writing in touch light). After ! hour into the coach ride we pulled over for a piss stop. Side of the ride no loos. The blokes went on the side of the road, the girls just over the cliff, haha. Myself i didn't go for a piss, i was just sick all down the montin, lol. I got some funny looks. I think it was cos the bus was fucked so i got travel sick. By 2pm we got to the out stop, but not before i tried to buy a bottle of cooke but didnt have change on me so couldn't get it, the women was so confussed to have a white person with no money, lol. We didnt know where we had to get off, had to wait till someone on the coach who spoke some english let us know. When we got off the coach it was crazy, all the touts trying to get us to stay at there resort. There was the bloke who was coming to get us saying hello its me, but it took a while to work out he was the right person, he got a bit pissed and was about to leave, lol. We got to the lodge by jeep and had lunch, spring roll with chips i do beleave. Tell you what the radish's here are fucking huge, same as the cucombers!! masla tea was also had, which i now love!! 2 hours after a much needed shower and reading the awesome book dagmar gave to me(the good German) we where off to see a dance done by the locals. I felt a bit bad watching them cos they didn't seem to want to enjoy it, but th money they raised went to them to help them with school.
We than came back and had a smoke, i also had a beer,( i find beer gets to me really fast here). We talked to the staff for a bit. Showed them photo's from home, than off to bed. Turnns out locals really like to see photo's from where your from. Off to bed in my mosqeto net, end of day 5. UP to morrow at 6 to go on a jungle walk with canoes, than a tour of the village, oh yes i will once again be listening to black books on the i-pod, i'll be able to quote it word for word soon.

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