Monday, July 6, 2009

still pokera, i forgetr what day, the 4th i thing

We had to the ausie's and Canadians room at 9 after stopping for some dinner. i had the best chilly i have in time, for that price anyway, lol. We didn't get to party on the roof as it was only us 4, so we sat around drinking and smoking. We was call to hang with some people again, that i could just talk to with out having to try and think if they can understand what i'm saying. Duncan turns out to be (ausie) huge into rock climming and did magic tricks. He;s also really into black books and red dwelf plus black adder, weird no?! Going to go round there and watch some one thei-pod later, the smallest cinema ever, lol. To be honest i can't really remember much of what happend as i was drinking 7% tigre beer, not the same as you get back home. THe beer really go's to my head here, 2-3 beers and i'm gone, lol. I do know that i had a really good time so thats all i give a shit about.

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