Monday, February 1, 2010

2.2.10 still trying to catch up here

Still trying to catch up up to this day so bear with me while i try to rememebr what i'v done, and try to put it down in a not so boring way, good luck to me. Right coffee on the go and last FM on in the ear, lets begin
We get to Christchurch and book into folly towers, Dagmar pays for my room, bonus!
We go out for dinner and end up at this turkish kabbab place Dagmar found in thelonley planet. the chiars are a bit low and shit, i din't really like the place and a kabbab before you go out drinking, is just a little strange to me.
after this delight my father and i went to this irish bar that clamed to have the worlds biggist beer glass. Bit of a let down the glass was. This was not the size of it, as it was very big, it was just in a glass box and you couldn't drink it :-(
I woke up the next day still very drunk, i'v not drank that much in a bar for a while. On waking up a girl in the room told me she had just got a job working in a lapdance club and would i mind if she practiced on me. Well i could let the poor girl down could i....
I don;t think i really have to go into to much detail but she paid for a room to practice in, where we spent the next 3 hours watching lap dancing on youtube lol.
The next day we just hang around, still a bit drunk form the 3 bottles of wine drank the night before...
Off to queenstown i go.....

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