Monday, February 1, 2010

2.2.10 Queenstown

What can be said about Queenstown other than its fucking awesome! Everwhere should be like queenstown. Its very small but it is just a party town, no one goes out till 11pm, by that time your just a bit tipsy. The bonsers are a bit of a problem at world bar as they keep telling men they are 2 drunk and to go, strange how they never did it to the lady's.
I really don't know what to say about the place. I met some awesome people, as always i only seem to be frineds with girls, lol. The chillie oz girls and the isrialy's you know who you are if your reading this, awesome times. Also did a bungy in Queenstown!!!
Had to take diarrera pills before doing it as i keeped having to go to the loo. The video is on you tube just go to magicrugmaker on youtube and you'll find it.
I know i'v not really said much about the place but thats because sometihngs are best keeped to yourself.....
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