Sunday, January 31, 2010

1.2.10 Been a while

In true Richard form i'v missed a great big bite out of this blog, but would you want it anyothere way? The reason for this is simple, i only really write in my blog when i'm board or having a shit time. After leaving Nelson i have not, i'v been having a fucking amazzing time. Meeting really great people, doing some things i didn't think i could do and of course spending my credit cards till they will not give no more, lol.
So this will have to be quick as i'm going Whale watching in a bit and i'm tired after getting in at 3am last night.
Aftre leaving Nelson we went off to munichen.; we being My dad and dagmar who i have blagged a lift with for a few days, sweat as bro.
In this tinny town we went rafting which was cool. In the evening not alot as there are only 800 people living there and the bar closing really early. I didn't mind to much as i had my own room!! OWN BED!!! To say i slept well would be a understatment.
After leaving there we went to graymouth. (went to see sea lions on rocks on the way, can't remember where) Graymouth is how it sounds, lol. THe hostel was intresting as the owner had a big hard on for Africa and all the deco was like when rich people bring back stuff from there. From here we did a day trip to FOx glacier for a walk! The walk was fucking cool, cool being the word as was a bit cold on the ice. Also really funnny was that we popped into a place on the way for a cup of tea, and eneded up on a Helicopter flying over franze josif and tassam glacier, bonus!!!
A good day was had by all. In fact i still have the spikes i had on my shoes form the walk. Well it cost so much i wanted somthing, couldn't take ice now could I, lol
Next day drove to christchurch over Arthers pass. Dave and dagmar did a walk while i sat in the car reading a book, was a good book, so bettre than walking i think.
Oh dear ran out of time, will have to finish this later. Still to come. Lap dancers, bungy jumps and erm well you'll have to see

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