Sunday, January 10, 2010

10.1.10 In Nelson

I'v left Blemhiam to go to Nelson, where i'm going to get a lift around some of the island with the rants who have come over.
The hole work thing did not go well. Dodgy contractors who will do anything not to pay more than the minimum.
Sad to leave Blemhiem as made some good freinds in the hostel. Really cool people. I was the only English person. Apart from Jenny who was Welsh i was the only native Englaish person there.
Ended my time there by getting really drunk at the hostel party and going out into doen with the peeps and making a dick out my self dancing, dad dancing of course, lol.
Ended on a real low when i got a ramdon head but by one of the locals walking back. This has done nothing to raise what i thing of the Kiwi's, lol. I alwasy thought it would be a maroi who would attack me, not a skinny white fuck, lol. Only thing i'v got from a maurie is free booze and a turkey cooked for me at 2 in the moring, lol.

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